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  1. get r done

    California Pipi for Labor day weekend

    Anyone go last year at this time? Is it packed to its gills?
  2. get r done

    Sunday - Gold Note/Elkins

    Today was some good riding. Very little mud. And a lot of traction... Alittle dust which was suprising, but nothing bad.. All in all a good day. Made it home in one piece which is always a good thing.
  3. get r done

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Hope they find them. Our prayers are with them..
  4. get r done

    Sunday - Gold Note/Elkins

    How far past gold note is elkins flat?
  5. get r done

    Sunday - Gold Note/Elkins

    Me and a couple buddies are heading up Sunday to 5 corners if it doesnt snow like hell these next two days. Have you heard anything as far as conditions up there as of today? We should be up there at the staging area around 9:30 on Sunday.
  6. Anyone ride up there lately? Or Elkins flat? thinking this weekend but want to make sure the snow hasnt hit yet.
  7. get r done

    How much snow is up at Pipi valley?

    k Maybe I will just take my 4x4 up there and ride the logging roads and play in the snow in my truck. Can we still do that?
  8. get r done

    How much snow is up at Pipi valley?

    Does anyone know how much snow is up there? I want to go but dont want to get up there and be getting stuck every 5 mins
  9. get r done

    NEED HELP WITH MY 05,,,, cant get it to start

    Its under your tank.... What else do you need to know? I think the plug size is a 5/8... And go to Honda for one.... I think I payed $13 for mine. When your into the bike, do a oil/tranny fluid change... Matter a fact just change all the fluids...
  10. get r done

    faster bike

    Dont get a 250...That wont solve anything
  11. get r done


    Thanks guys for the info.. No to find some time during the day to fix it.. Man life is a zoo with a 14 month old son..
  12. get r done


    yea these guys on this forum give great advice and will help with anything they can.
  13. get r done

    probly a dumb question, but....

    sell it and buy one that you know will work on your bike:thumbsup:
  14. get r done


    Thanks for the pics.. Thats what I was hoping for.. So I have to take off my tank and thats it or do I need to take off my carb completly? Thanks for all the info and have a good turkey day everyone
  15. get r done


    I was wondering if anyone had some pics of cleaning the hotstart on a crf450. I need to fix mine as it seems to either be stuck open or my cable is bad. When I push the lever in it doesnt change the bikes idle at all. Shouldnt it make it sound different with it pulled? I searched for pics but cant find any. Thanks for the help guys.