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  1. Daddymodo

    Aftermarket turnsignal photo thread! Post 'em up!

    These DRC Edge Taillight & 601 Blinkers are beautiful. I find them far more stylish than the Baja Designs unit I have on my bike. I saw them on the Wheeling Cycle Supply sight the other day while shopping for some alxe sliders. I have been trying to convince myself to hold off till something goes wrong with my Baja light. But ncotton your super sano set-up is making that kind of rational thinking very difficult:crazy: dukeryder, FWIW, If I am currious about what a guy is running on his bike I have sometimes had good luck finding info in his garrage link, if he's got one. On this thread RobbieO has a great examble of an informative garage. Thanks Robbie:applause:
  2. Daddymodo

    Anyone going to see MotoGP in Laguna Seca?

    Cool I figured there would be a TT presence at the races. This years race is a scouting trip for me before bringing my wife and two young boys, which I hope to do in 2007. I am just coming for Sunday’s Race. I have a ticket for turn 11 (the last chance corner). I am hoping to see Rossi’s brave but ultimitly unsuccessful attempt of a final pass of Hayden just before Nicky claims victory #2 I am definitely going to ride highway 1 between Morro Bay and Carmel. I have been up and down that stretch of road a few times but always in old cars without power steering. The prospect of riding it with my SM gives me wood I want to checkout the Valley of Fire in Nevada and attempt a crossing of Death Valley on the way over from Arizona. I plan to come down hwy 178 into Bakersfield and cross from there over to the coast. Years ago I was on an amazing road that crossed between Interstate 5 and HWY 101 but I can’t remember if it was 58 or 166. Does that ring a bell for anyone? Anyone interested in doing a TT’er meet-up on Sunday between warm-up and the race? I haven’t found an official schedule for the day that spells out when the AMA races will run but I know there is usually a couple hours between the MotoGP warm-up and the race.
  3. I have got a 10-day vacation coming up next month and I am going to start it off by riding my SM to Laguna Seca to see Nicky Hayden and the boys. I know it's a long trip from Tucson to Laguna Seca on a 400, but I have been seriously impressed with how fun this bike is to ride on the road as well as the dirt, even after a couple hundred miles. I am only attending Sunday's race and planning to take three to four days to get there. I want to travel the backroads and do some camping along the way. I bought a 38T rear sprocket from Vortex, and have ordered some Ortlieb dry bags from Aerostitch and some side racks from HappyTrails. I'll post some pictures of my adventure-touring set-up once I have got it all installed. I would love to hear if there is anyone else out there planning on riding to the race. I'd also welcome any backroad/camping route suggestions anyone might have between Tucson and Monterey.
  4. Awesome Job Wolfchild! Keep up the good work!
  5. Daddymodo

    Why I Paid?

    There is no doubt that shopping at the TT store is a great way to support this forum. But in my case TT store patronage was not the ideal to show my support. I either had existing relationships with vendors I wanted to continue to support or I wanted to have the pleasure of working with a particular craftsman-vender dirrectly. I apprecated having the option of membership as a way for me to say I like what your doing, keep up the good work.
  6. Daddymodo

    Why I Paid?

    I got a response to something I posted earlier that highlighted another value of my membership that I hadn’t considered.:applause:I felt like responding with why I was willing to pay for what I had been getting for “free’. I than realized I should probably just start a new thread as others may have something to say about it as well. Mostly I just felt like saying Thank You to TT:worthy:and ponying-up some membership dues felt like the easiest and most effective way for ME to do that. I have gotten so much good information about the bike and as so many good laughs along the way that I figured the membership it is worth the price of a good manual. It's taken me awhile, but over the years I have come to realize that just as "Freedom isn't Free" neither is all the great information and experiences available on a site like this. A site this user friendly and efficient takes more than just a healthy enthusiastic community to hold it together, it also takes a lot work and a lot of cash. I am unable to contribute the kind of brainpower that a guy like Burned:worthy:does on a daily basis, but I can buy him and his buddies a case beer, so I did. When I think of it as just another necessary mod for the bike it’s real easy. Thanks TT your worth every cent!
  7. Daddymodo

    IMS Install, Another Variation

    Moleson- when your look at the reply page, scroll down to section just below titled 'Additional Options' there is a sub-section titled "Attach Files" click on the Manage Attachments button. It will open up a separate dialog box in which you will be asked to choose a file and upload it. I found that it is best to have the pictures I want to upload already prepared and waiting in an easily accessible file on my desktop. Files can't be any larger than 250K, which is usually an 800 x 600 picture. I use a very Apple PowerBook, not sure if it will be the same for the PC but it should be similar. The Help section on the list has more info if you need it.
  8. Daddymodo

    Dynojet question!

    I just installed this kit over the weekend. It was very straight forward. The instructions that come with the new SM kit are spot on. I checked out the settings with Burned and he concurred. I think they most have been studing his work. Anyway I cut the 3x3 hole with a dremel, removed the crab, set it in a vise and used an impact screw driver to remove the screws (works like a charm, thanks to the TT'ers for this tip) then I just followed the instruction in the kit for stage 2 in my case. Used allen head screws that I picked up at the local ACE along with some lock washers to reattach the float bowl. Installed a K&N air filter and a billet end cap on the muffler. Put the carb back on and it started right up. The recomended settings of 15O mj, clip on #2 and fuel screw at 3 turns out worked perfect. The bike now runs great no dyno required. Thanks Burned This is totally something that you can do on your own and you will feel great for doing it!
  9. Daddymodo

    IMS Install, Another Variation

    Harry, Just your standard issue AZ Dual Sport tire as you well know Not riding in this awesome dirt available to us in this state seems almost crimanal, even with a SM.
  10. Daddymodo

    IMS Install, Another Variation

    The Rear is a Continental TKC80 150/70 x 17 and the front is a rear Metzeler Sahara 3 130/80 x 17.
  11. Daddymodo

    IMS Install, Another Variation

    Ron-The bag is mounted on a Tonn's Racing rack. It is a older model Marsee tank bag. Ray-I tend to wear out the center groove on my tires, not the edges, and the TKC works fine for that purpose. I only have about 300 miles on the bike so far, but 70% percent of that has been on dirt roads. The bike in it's current set-up handles better on the kind of dirt roads I like to ride on then any of my previous scrambler bikes (Sportster,BMW,KLR) so I am very happy with it.
  12. Daddymodo

    IMS Install, Another Variation

    I installed the 4 gal IMS tank over the weekend. After reading numerous reports of how difficult it could be I wasn’t looking forward to it. But I had one of these huge IMS tanks on a previous bike and after witnessing how much abuse they could withstand without leaking and while protecting the radiators I was willing to do what ever it took. Fortunately Delnari wrote an excellent post a couple weeks earlier on the “Secret to installing IMS 4.0 tank”. I used his instructions as inspiration and a guide. Thanks Delnari I end up doing most of my work alone and late at night. So I wasn’t able to use two people for the install. However I had equally good luck using a Honda car jack resting on the sub-frame to apply forward pressure to the tank. The jack worked great and I was able to get the tank installed in about twenty minutes, the first time. I say first time because I forgot to reinstall the throttle cables which I had removed to jet the carb while I had to stock tank off. So the tank had to come off again I got it all back together again only to find out the seat no longer fit. I finally figured out it was because I had installed the rear brackets with the wrong orientation. Everything I read in the instructions and on the list said to have the high side on the tank but when I did that the tank sat to high and did not line up with either the seat or the side panels. So tank came off again. At this point it was starting to feel kind of routine. I orientated the rear brackets with the low side facing the front (see pic) and everything lined up. I like how the tank looks in black. My previous IMS tank was black as well and turned out to be of slightly higher capacity than IMS published size. At the time I asked IMS about this and they said the published size was an average and that there were some uncontrollable variations in the construction process that made the black tanks tend to run toward the larger size of normal. I was curious to see how this one would be and it too proved to be of slightly larger capacity at 4.3 gal. Great range with awesome protection, any difficulties with the install have been forgiven.
  13. Daddymodo

    DRZ 475TT build pics

    Burned- The pics look awesome You never fail to inspire Thanks for the jetting advise. The bike now runs great and has really wet my appetite for more. I think by the time the summer heat kicks-in I will be ready to pull the motor. What makes-up the difference in the 440 vs. the 475, is it just the stroked crank or is it a larger bore as well? How does the 440 compare to the 475 for aggressive trail riding? Reliability?
  14. Daddymodo

    2003 E for $4K

    Good clean used ones are going for about $3500 in AZ so for around here that would be a good OTD price. My only concern would be the condition of the battery and I would proably put fresh oil in it before riding it much.
  15. Daddymodo

    Pic of new DRZ body, what say yee?

    You Finns are a breed apart I have grow accustomed to this Arizona weather over the years and if it starts dipping below 50F I start for heated grips.