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    2006 CRF Bog

  2. goridecoza

    2006 CRF Bog

    I have read Redbeard450s ap mod and know how to do it but I need to know why. Why is the AP causing the bike to bog? Does it fuel too much to early? Surely swopping to a bigger leak valve will correct the problem. My first 4 stroke and damn, what a mission to strip a carb off. Still an awesome bike, doing my first race this weekend on it and would love to get the bog dialed out before I race.
  3. goridecoza

    changing frame colour..

    You can anodize the frame no problems. I have had my previous CR's frames anodized and had no problems. Just watch out because when they dip it to clean it before anodizing the nut inserts that are in the frame fall out. i.e. the ones your shrouds bolt up to.
  4. goridecoza

    How did you find speed?

    Just something I did not see mentioned, and I would be interested in what you all think of the method. Some local pros told me that when they are trying to get their times down on a track before season starts, they go out and do 2 fast laps, as fast as they can possibly go, rest for a while, go out and do another 2 as fast , rest , repeat. The theory is that you get to do really fast laps on the track with a fresh and strong body so that you learn the track at a faster pace. ?!?
  5. goridecoza

    Moving from a 250 (2-Stroke) to 250F?

    I am in the process of swapping from a 250 2-Stroke to a 250F. I have been lucky enough to spend a bit of time on a bunch of 250f's and the power is fine for me. I have found the 4 stroke much more usable for my level of riding. I, like you, ride MX and have been riding about the same amount of time. Best advise I can give is to ask someone at your local track if you can take a spin on their 250F and 450F and make the decision based on your own feel!
  6. I am by no means fast but I have seen drastic improvements in my riding in the last couple of months. What I felt helped the most was having a friend of mine track side giving tips, trying them and seeing what happened. Now the thing is that this mate of mine has a nack for spotting mistakes and giving good pointers. In essence he is coaching me, so having someone else look at your riding and giving good input helps a whole lot. Getting someone to video you in sections of the track you battle with also helps a whole lot. Another thing I try to do is go down to the track and walk the whole track and watch the fast boys ride and what lines they take before riding. This makes you practice motos a bit more valuable.