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  1. What would be the outcome of these 2 put together? I want to go with that gear combo to shorten my wheelbase but I also want to put a heavier flywheel on it to smooth out the hit. I mainly ride trails with occasional dip into the mx tracks.
  2. biggness

    will these crf 450 parts fit my crf250?

    Well that sucks... would it be possible to just swap out my shock spring then? I really dont want to spend the money on a new spring. Another question: Will the lifetime stainless steel filter swap over? I will be using the same oil(amsoil 10w30) in the 250.
  3. biggness

    will these crf 450 parts fit my crf250?

    I figure the forks will fit since the after market triple clamps are the same for 250/450's. I hope the shock will fit. I will see when i get back on land in 2 weeks, Im at sea right now.
  4. I have aquried a new 06 crf250r and would like to know if the worked suspension I have on my 05 crf450r will be a direct swap? Also what other parts would swap over? radiator braces? skid plates? # plates? any help would be appreciated. and for those that ask why i have downgraded... The 250 lets me have more fun on the bike. the 450 is for riders that REALLY know what the are doing. Plus the 250 just feels lighter and easier to handle.
  5. here are some very worthy companies...Just do a search on google...Hope this helps you out man. RaceTech Factory Connection Active-ride.com WMR Race MB1
  6. biggness

    Do I need a revalve?

    Thanks for the advice. I will try this out Tuesday. (I work offshore and that is when I get in. Not soon enuff though) What would you reccomend as for as the tire pressure goes, I have Dunlop 756'.The best sag for my hieght? I will let you know how this works out. laters
  7. biggness

    Do I need a revalve?

    I ride motocross and trails. Mainly motocross since I built a trackin the back yard. I am somewhere around intermediate skill level. The bike bottoms out harshly when jumping small jumps of about 3-5 ft of air and also it throws the bike rear wheel heavy while in the air (think riding a wheelie through the air) Any ihelp on what I should set my clickers to as a starting point when I do put the new springs and oil in would be cool.
  8. biggness

    Do I need a revalve?

    I just bought some stiffer springs(fork and rear) for my 05 CRF450r and some of the super slick fork oil(10wt) both of which is from RaceTech. My suspension buddy told me that should work fine for the time being without a revalve. Said that with the thicker oil it would act almost like a revalve, close enough. I am 6'5'' andweigh about 250 with gear.So what I am asking is he pretty much right or am I gonna have to get a revalve also. Any help would be appreciated.