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  1. I am now going back into adjust the carb. I have to pull the air jet out. Missed that. Dropped main down to 155 until my Yoshi get here. You can tell it is a little fat on the bottom both by the bog and by the idle hanging. Other than that it FKN rips. Mabye a sticky with just the good info Eddie. I had to read this entire thread just to be certain about the air jet. Great info. One question before I go. Full yoshi coming will reinstalling the 160 main do it it for me? I have the other needle on order as it was on B.O. when carb was ordered. Thanx for the info. This site and your info rox. I am in WA state. riding at elevation of sea-500ft.
  2. Same thing in Washington. Motorcycles can wait a cycle and then proceed with caution.
  3. Hell underpowered? All relative. I love my little scooter. Stock it is great. I have goodies on the way. But my other scooter is a fully race prepped Gix750 05. The fun factor of the DRZ is out there you just have to find it. Cheers
  4. not sure what everybody is running. But I have galfer lines on my sm. I have used them on my 05 gix750 track whore and never thought twice about getting for my tard.