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  1. GixxerTek

    FCR conversion the "burned way".

    I am now going back into adjust the carb. I have to pull the air jet out. Missed that. Dropped main down to 155 until my Yoshi get here. You can tell it is a little fat on the bottom both by the bog and by the idle hanging. Other than that it FKN rips. Mabye a sticky with just the good info Eddie. I had to read this entire thread just to be certain about the air jet. Great info. One question before I go. Full yoshi coming will reinstalling the 160 main do it it for me? I have the other needle on order as it was on B.O. when carb was ordered. Thanx for the info. This site and your info rox. I am in WA state. riding at elevation of sea-500ft.
  2. GixxerTek

    Traffic signal problems

    Same thing in Washington. Motorcycles can wait a cycle and then proceed with caution.
  3. GixxerTek

    drz sm 400 gutless

    Hell underpowered? All relative. I love my little scooter. Stock it is great. I have goodies on the way. But my other scooter is a fully race prepped Gix750 05. The fun factor of the DRZ is out there you just have to find it. Cheers
  4. GixxerTek

    drz brakes

    not sure what everybody is running. But I have galfer lines on my sm. I have used them on my 05 gix750 track whore and never thought twice about getting for my tard.