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  1. Irishpitbike

    Help Please!..?

    i think the shift star is inside the crank case so you will have to remove the engine and split the crank case its a pretty nasty job,dont do it unless you have expeirience because you could easily stuff up ure engine.
  2. Irishpitbike

    Strating in gear?

    On most imports the kick start runs through the clutch so when the clutch is held in it disengages the kick!Wy would you want to start in gear any ways?
  3. Irishpitbike

    shifting porblem

    what you have is a very standard problem,the best way of dealing with it is to just change your riding style , make sure you down your reves before changing back gears and keep it light on the gear changer when clickin down.what happens is if your to rough on the gear changer and your reves are to high your gears wont click back but will just keep clicken through the gears...its sorta hard to explain it will come with practice.on the other hand it might be purly a mechanical defect but i doubt it as lotts of people have had to same problem with their heavy driving style,good luck.