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  1. batoutahell

    My new YZ450F

    Very nice, I love mine and cant wait for this dang snow and ice to move on out.
  2. batoutahell

    06' starting woes!!

    Jet the bike, mine is the same way, but I have the jets to do it, just need to brave the cold and do it. I am sure once the pilot is bumped up, it will start much easier. At least I am hoping. Same boat as you, but I think the solution is to get it jetted. Anyway, hope you get it worked out.
  3. batoutahell

    atv or dirt bike

    I would say sell the quad and get a bike. I have ridden atv's for years, currently have a yfz450, but just re-entered the two wheel world with a yz450f. I think they both have their places, but the bike is alot of fun. Now if the snow would melt I would be out riding instead of reading the forums.
  4. batoutahell

    kids starter bike

    Any other suggestions?
  5. batoutahell

    How many ride without insurance?

    E. I have insurance. 35/male/married with 2 children.
  6. batoutahell

    The New Tech 8 Boot

    Dang, a new dilema. I am currently shopping for boots and need them pretty much immediately. Are these out and available now? How can I tell them apart from the 05 version when shopping. Thanks
  7. batoutahell

    kids starter bike

    Thanks for the advice so far. I definately want something with a clutch. That is what attracted me to the crf80. I also want something that he can eventually ride on the local track and have some fun. He would like to try mx. I would like something with good suspension and decent power to get him around a track decently. Thanks again
  8. batoutahell

    kids starter bike

    Yep, he is built like a tank and solid. My buddy went to lift him on a boat last summer and about pulled something. I am grooming him for a career in the NFL.
  9. batoutahell

    kids starter bike

    Ok, looking to get my son started, he has ridden quads since 4, he will be 9 in another month and is a big kid. He stands about 4'6" and is about 115 pounds. We looked at a kawasaki 110, and also the crf80. So far I like the crf because of the manual clutch, seems like a good idea to get him started with that as soon as possible. Anyway, open to others opinions and experiences. Thanks Paul
  10. batoutahell

    Any other mid 30s folks getting back into it?

    Well, I am a newbie at all of this. I rode dirt bikes many moons ago, mostly friends or cousins that had motorized toys. And mostly just trail riding. I got out of things for a bit, but then found the dunes and quads, have had a blast with it and decided I wanted a dirt bike. I am 35 now. My kids and wife both ride, but not nearly enough. I am thinking that getting my 8 year old involved would be a great confidence builder and something else that we can do together. My 2 year old wants one bad now as well. I have already met some people that have offered to help me out with pointers and things at the track. If it would warm up a bit I will get out and try the track. There are some decent desert tracks that people have groomed a bit, and I will probably start with some of those to get the feel for the bike better. Great topic, and I am glad to see others in similar situations.
  11. I would be extremely cautious using them. They say they are a dealer for over 40 years, but no where on the website do they have an address or telephone number.
  12. batoutahell

    Ford X-Plan

    Ford employees can give out x plan pins to friends and family, this can be anyone basically. I have purchased my last 4 trucks using the x plan. I dont remember the site address, but the blue oval news website is a great place to get them, alot of ford employees read that board. I think it is bon.com, but not sure.
  13. batoutahell

    06 yz450f jetting probs?

    Thanks burned, should I leave the needle in the stock position to start out or what is your suggestion on that? Thanks again
  14. batoutahell

    06 yz450f jetting probs?

    I am going to hijack for a second if you dont mind. I am at about 6000 ft and ride usually from 5000-7000 ft. I have an 06 yz450 as well. Anyway, I am thinking that I should run this: 48 pilot 1.5 turns out on the fuel screw 160 main and not sure on the needle setting. Am I in the ballpark or is this way off? Right now the machine runs pretty well, but it is cold as heck and I have not had much seat time. It takes alot to get it started at the moment, probably due to the stock jetting. Thanks
  15. batoutahell

    boot question

    Ok, looking into boots, and was looking at the tech 10 and it says that white is the only color with the ventilation system. Why is that? How would these compare to the sg10 from gaerne? Thanks