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  1. I had the same problem. I changed the oil to a motorex 2.5W. Just that made a big difference.
  2. Seal one end of the pipe. Heat the dent area and blow compressed air... it should work.
  3. I would go for the Yamaha WR250F. Excelent bike, light, enough power, with the magic button.. that is your choice!
  4. Sorry to take advantage of your post but of which material is the silencer made of? Is that aluminum or SS?
  5. Drain as much as you can, tumbling the bike to both directions. When filling, put the exatc 1350 cc of oil. It will show that it is too high. No worries... give the bike a good rest (I usually do it at night and in the next day, the oil level is right at where is should be (in the middle of the two lines)
  6. I really do not get it. Looking at the users manual, it says to change the oil every 6 rides or 15 hour and to use full sinthetic oil. Why then to change it sooner? It does not make sense to me...
  7. No worries... my english sucks so we are even Will send to your email, ok? Cheers
  8. That is bad... I agree with DVN, it is better to disassemble it than to regret later
  9. You can download it from the internet (cannot remeber which address). If you cannot find it, PM me and I will send it to your email. Do not buy it! Cheers
  10. Go to their website. I have downloaded a lot of stuff
  11. Carl, try to post it (also) at the Suspension Forum... they will more able to help you... Cheers BR
  12. Thanks again Cap. I will check the part number of my fasteners... I checked out those sites... interesting. AH... my bike is a Kawa not KTM though. Cheers!
  13. THanks Cap. At least the owners manual and service manual does not say anything. I tried also bikebandit... did not work. Any other suggestion?
  14. Is there a way that I can know what bolts, nuts, washers my 2006 kxf 2006 uses? Can I know their specifications so I can buy them on the aftermarket (instead of buying the tecbolt or similar stuff)? Thanks, BR
  15. No problem... welcome (true... the search function is facing some difficulties these days...)