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  1. neuensmxracing

    03 yz250f have a lot of problems?

    I'll second that!!
  2. neuensmxracing

    So do the 01's and 03's have crank problems??

    None taken, I know that when I replaced the crank in my 03 that the rod bearing and rod were the same as a 2 stroke( slot in the rod to let oil into the roller bearing) this is where the timing chain guide pieces went into and lock it down. Usually if you are running oil pressure into the crank, it should be sealed up to maintain oil pressure for the rest of the engine. With these open slots I was thinking that the pressure would all be released in the crank and no pressure left for the head. I did not look extensively at the passages so I could be wrong, we learn something new every day!
  3. neuensmxracing

    06 yzf 250 oil window

    That's it AV! On my son's bike I put a full quart in it and after running the sight glass showed too much oil, i could not even tip the bike and see the oil go out of the sight glass. Then I dropped the oil in about 3/4 of a quart and cranked the bike and while running the oil level is right at the top of the glass. I was always told too much oil was no good either but since the crank just runs in a oil bath it should be ok. I preferred the stick in my 03's to this...
  4. neuensmxracing

    Hot Start Cable

    I have had two of the hot start cables on order from Yamaha for almost 3 months! I finally found one on ebay. I have not seen anyone who makes one. If you find somebody please let me know. I is probably best to use the plastic one as if you work on the carb much and damage the carb, you willl be spending the big bucks.
  5. neuensmxracing

    So do the 01's and 03's have crank problems??

    The YZ's have an oil pump but it des not lube the crank, just the head and cams. The crank is basically the same as a two stroke. I change my oil every other ride and oil filter about every third oil change and have not had any problems. I my 03 I did have a sieze on the crank but after taking apart found that the timing chain guides had hardened and the small edges of the guide broke off and got into the rod bearing and lock it down. Just bought crank from Yamaha and now I change the guides and chain every year. Running a four stroke in the rev limiter is definitly going to cause problems, if you need the rev's get a two stroke!
  6. neuensmxracing

    03 yz250f have a lot of problems?

    Great bike, I am selling ours due to got a 06. My son is good enough to get a little contingency money so I bought the new one. Motor is basically the same as the 03. We rode the bike all last year with no problems, only gas and oil changes. I did change the timing chain and guides as maintenance only due to prior expierence on these YZ's but thats all.
  7. neuensmxracing

    have lost owners manuel

    I have the same info in my manual but, when I did the first oil change (oil only ) I put one quart of Yamalube in it and according to the sight glass, it was over full. I dumped the oil and it held one half quart to be in the middle of the sight glass. Any ideas on that? I know in my 03 YZ250F it would hold the full quart but maybe because of the smaller oil tank is why.