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  1. octavious

    2005 Yz450f misc questions....

    I've got an '03 450. I changed my sprockets to 13 in the front and 50 for the rear. Big difference for me. In the woods, I couldn't keep it running. Sprocket change was the trick.
  2. octavious

    Moving to VA

    Our club, tidewater dirt riders have access to land in the area. We're looking to lease more. The current land is fun to ride. Several miles of wooded trails and plans for more. If interested look at our website. Tidewaterdirtriders.net
  3. octavious

    Moving to VA

    Look up tidewaterdirtriders.net.
  4. octavious

    Where To Ride?

    I haven't been on here in a while. Check out tidewaterdirtriders.net. We have access to two properties in the area. Look at the info section for the meeting dates and check us out. We are currently in the process of moving off one piece of land and in neg on acquiring another. Dues are $100 for the family for the year. The website will give info on meeting location and dates and time. Hope this helps.
  5. octavious

    Hard spot during rear shock compression

    I've ridden in some mud. Haven't power washed it any. Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try.
  6. octavious

    Best Drink On Raceday????

    My son uses Pedialyte. He used to use gatorade, powerade, straight water. This seems to really work the best. Dilute it some with water.
  7. I've got an '03 YZ 450F. I noticed yesterday when I sat on the bike, there was a hard spot when I compressed it down . I checked my chain tension and it was good. I rode around the property a little and it freed up some, but it was still a little stiff. Trying to figure out if it's the shock or linkage. I've had this for a little over 3 years.
  8. octavious

    YZ450f Woods Gearing recommendations

    I've got an '03 and changed to 13 front and 50 rear. Much better in the tight stuff. Thinking about going back to 14 front and maybe 51 or 52 rear.
  9. octavious

    Where can you ride?

    Yea, we lost a sweet riding spot because a few of the guys took the mufflers off their 4 wheelers. I told em what would happen with the loud sound. I miss that spot, but we keep our riding to a small group, our family, one friend, and the landowner on his property.
  10. octavious

    Which Boot?

    I had Fox F3's. They held up really good. Had to get a new set of straps after 2 years. I bought off of Ebay a new set of Gearne SG 10's. Both of these are excellent boots in my opinion. The F3's are heavier than the SG 10s. But both fit really well. The prices of boots have gotten out of hand. I patiently looked and found my SG 10's on Ebay for $285 brand new.
  11. octavious

    Where can you ride?

    I feel so lucky that we have a land owner that let us cut trails. We've got a sweet fast course using a portion of about 36 acres. It's only 5 mins from our house. We rode two Sundays ago for about 4 hours. It was the first day over 50deg.
  12. octavious

    I need help with boots!

    I started off with Fox trackers. Stepped up to Fox Forma Pro. Then to Fox F3. The Forma Pro and F3 lasted about 3 yrs each. Now have Gaerne SG 10. The fox boots were about 2 sizes larger to fit. The SG 10 are about 1/2 size larger than what shoe I wear. To me the F3 and the SG 10 are similar. They're both very comfortable all day and protect my feet and ankles. Got them both off of Ebay at very good prices.
  13. octavious

    Girls in Mid Atlantic? Fav tracks? newbie!

    I'm a male rider in Va. I know of two fun mx tracks in NC. Lake Gaston Mx, Littleton, Nc. Lakegastonmotocross.com. And also North Carolina motocross park, NCMP.com or .net. Henderson, NC. NCMP also has trails. Lake Gaston is very wide with natural hills. If not comfortable jumping, it's still loads of fun if not jumping. NCMP has 2 mx tracks. One about 2 miles long, expert race track. Also, an intermediate mx track, very fun. About mile and a half long.
  14. Follow your radiator hose down to the water pump. The weep hole is on the bottom. I've got an '03 YZ 450 also and mine started leaking back this past spring. Went ahead and changed both of the seals and gaskets for the water pump. Look at the pump shaft good to make sure it's not roughed up. No problems since the repair. Your manual breaks it down to make it easy.
  15. I've got an '03 YZ 450 too. I changed my front sprocket to a 14. Helped tremendously. I've got a 52 on the rear. With this gearing I can run in the woods 2nd and 3rd. I had stepped up from a '92 XR250 to this bike. I really enjoy this bike. All the power you will ever need.