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  1. Cool, thanks.
  2. Check out Spider Grips, they work well for me.
  3. I have a an extra rear wheel assembly for my '02 YZ426f and am curious if it will fit an '03-05 WR450F? I've wanted a WR for a long time, but would hate to give up the extra wheel.
  4. How much did the air bags cost?
  5. I agree...
  6. A friend of mine was riding double with his four year old nephew on a quad at the desert in CA and was stopped by a ranger. After some time had passed I rode over on my KX250 to see what was going on. The ranger had written my friend a ticket for riding double on the quad, but said it was perfectly legal to ride double on a dirt bike. We asked the ranger why it was legal on the dirt bike but not the quad and he said it takes much more concentration to ride the quad then the dirt bike. After some arguing, my friend got on the dirt bike with his nephew and rode past the ranger back to camp. After reading the posts here, I'm not sure what's legal.
  7. We were out at Superstition this weekend and the police and rangers were giving out speeding tickets on Wheeler rd. We saw probably four or five people get pulled over on their bikes, and what appeared to be a DUI. I didn't notice a speed limit posted, any one know what it is?
  8. Thanks for the info. KiltLifter. The link is great, I'll mess with the hitch this weekend. I think I need to go up a few links on the chains first before I try air bags.
  9. Thanks for the posts. I'll check the washers, but I think it may need more than that. I've heard of people using the tongue jack to set desired height, then setting the chains. I might try this, but I'm nervous I'll put to much stress on the chains. What do you guys think?
  10. Anyone have any experience with either of these towing a trailer? I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 with a weight distributing hitch, but the tongue of the trailer still rides a little low. Any advice would be great.
  11. I have an '02 426 that is set up for sea level, and ran perfect in St. Anthony. I used an 8 cup paddle tire and had no problems in the large dunes or bowls. Hope you're not staying at Sand Hills Resort...
  12. It will be much hotter. Probably in the high 90's. I'm guessing it will be ok for a few rides in the dunes...
  13. Just bought a YZ426F with an aftermarket Dirt Squirt exhaust pipe. I know the stock jetting has been changed, but is most likely set up for sea level. What will happen if I don't rejet for 5000'?