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  1. alistair

    wire broke and dont know what to do?? pic inside

    you shoud be able to pop the terminal out of the plug and crimp a new bit of wiire in then crimp join that to the broken bit. i say use crimp joins because soldering can effectcircuit resistances.probaly not to crucial on a air temp sensor tho
  2. alistair

    2011 RMZ extra plugs

    im almost certain that i read in my 2010 manual the engine must be stopped for the map to change over
  3. alistair

    Ergos of 2011 more compact than 2006?

    hey mate, im 6'6 on a short day and im comfortable with stock bars rolled forward a touch,stock pegs.only recently put on a tall seat as i got knee braces and had issues gripping it.bike is a 2010 btw.
  4. alistair

    front brake turns to mush.

    sweet,ill try sum extra high boiling point brake fluid, the stuff i got at the mo was motul 5.1 by memory. cheers guys..
  5. alistair

    front brake turns to mush.

    heres the story,2010 rmz front brake goes to mush after it gets hot.bleed it.sweet. next ride same thing.fit braided line. ride. allgood for a bit but then once it gets hot same thing happens. when it cools down its back to pretty gud. i can bleed it but then it happens again. ends up with the leverer comeing in to my knucles before it firms up,tried fitting a zeta unbreakable lever so i could crank the lever further out didnt help too much. im out of ideas????
  6. alistair

    Large sized boot

    id hate to be you,i have 16s and struggle to get them down here in nz,in my search for bots i heard theres companys in italy that'l custom make you a mx boot,i believe it was garene(or how ever you spell it) but maybe worth a shot? price wise it was on par with a topend mxboot. removing the inner bootie isnt a option,as last time i checkd astars make 16s in only the tech 3 and tech 7(what i wear) and neither are of the bootie variety.
  7. alistair

    crank bearing life?

    thats what i woulud have expected.ill just keep my eyes on it and see what happens...
  8. alistair

    crank bearing life?

    how many hours would you expect from your crank bearings?? because i have a 08 rm250 that has 40 hours on it, always ran at 30-1 and have very slight(about 3 thou,as per a DTI guage on the flywheel) play in it. i would have thought you would get at least 100 hours? (note, i did search and couldnt find what i was looking for..)
  9. alistair

    any other tall guys on 250s?

    thanks for the replys.i think ill start withe the handlebars and seat,then et my suspention done,then look at a upper tripple clamp,but the only one ive seen for sale was 400,just for the top one!
  10. im looking to start modding my rm250('08) to suit me a bit beter. im 6'6ish and currently my bike is standard except for the stock bars rolled forward. Im having problems keeping my weight forward as my legs just slide back so end up pulling my self forward with my arms..Im thinking tall seat (sdg?) and getting taller bars? what do any other tall guys run? aftermarkt trippleclamp are a bit out of the question as i also saving to send my suspention out... sweet:ride:
  11. alistair

    Lets see The Rm's

    that is a sweet lookin rm!
  12. alistair

    OIR gets a visit from New Zealand

    go the kiwis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! burkharts comeing back from a broken colarbone too.
  13. alistair

    Power Boosters

    I think its http://www.rb-designs.com/
  14. alistair

    08 RM250 for Trail Riding ?

    the motor is pretty sweet in these,real smooth. 1st gear is a lil' high for the real tight sihtunless you dont mind given the clutch a lil slip(i dont) only thing with the clutch ive noticed is its grabby when its cold.and i seem to hit a few false neutrals.but that could be down to my size 16 paddles.. I like mine tho,dads has got a fww(10oz) in his and it slows down how fast it revs,and is less likely to stall. my 2c's...