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  1. Is there anywhere else to ride that is close?
  2. So far we have 8 Pitsters licensed in Wa. state w/ no problems at all. In our travels we've passed many cops and haven't been pulled over either. There is some wierd stuff on the roads nowdays due to gas prices so I think they don't even look twice?! They don't require an inspection here though. Sales reciept and MSO and your off. One has over a 1000 miles on it with only gearing changes....still going strong!!
  3. BIG Props to JJW for putting this race on. Let's all show up and support the sport. Fast or Slow, grab your buddies and bang some bars. There will be a class or two for everyone!!
  4. It will be setup for Pit Bikes at this event. Your in the NW. Should see you there, Right? Bring all your buddies!!
  5. Yeah, it's nice to go all the way to Texas and get something out of the deal... like your riders in the mags!!
  6. Has anyone had their rod seize on the crank? Did you replace the whole crank (OEM or aftermarket)? Or get a new rod and bearing? (WHERE FROM)?
  7. There are going to be alot of happy people up here in the Northwest when they arrive. Can't wait to get them!!
  8. I'm doing some work on two of them right now. They are like a cruz'n. Motor is ok. The rest is made pretty weak. Hope this helps.
  9. I just shipped one to a guy down there. Have you ever got to see one anywhere? Or ride one?
  10. I can get you the info for the guy that takes new pitster mounts and lowers them for you. They bolt right back on, but won't drop them 3". 1 or 1 1/2"
  11. Thanks. Yeah, there are a quite a few Pitsters up here.
  12. Here is a little footage from WA. state.
  13. I was in the same position as you and and happy I "bit the bullet" and bought the GPX, very strong and durable.
  14. Nice, what kind of tires are you running. Theres a bunch of us in Eastern Wa. that are about to start riding the local go-kart track, so we are getting ours ready.
  15. I've owned and ridden several different bikes in that range, the Pitster Pro is the strongest built that I've seen.