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    You weren't alone....
  2. Washington

    Yo... haven't been on here in years....
  3. Thoughts to his freinds and family Jason W
  4. Rest in peace buddy!
  5. enduro overall??
  6. Any news or should we just wait for the banquet. Wait a minute I heard a rumor that no one is running the banquet this year!!
  7. The supermoto guys have results/points from their races up on Monday mornings!! We go 3 months wondering what kind of series we have???!?!? I hope the new guy catches on quick!!
  8. Black bear, 3 times as many checks and not one of them was probably thrown out!!! Hint hint!!
  9. All of the very few that I beat Trav at!!! :mad: I can't wait for next year so Trav can woop ass on me again!!!
  10. When does the pee wee race start I don't want to be late!!!
  11. That is a sweet shot of Scone!!!! He's in focus and everything else isn't. Get a frame!!!!
  12. I am really disappointed that I could not ride but I sure had a good time helping Cascade with the event. They have some real good people in their club and should consider themselves lucky!!! Can't wait until next year so I can ride the single track!!! Sap
  13. My ribs are still in pretty rough shape...... My daughter jumped on me on Saturday morning and there was a huge pop. They hurt twice as bad as they did when I crashed so I think I'm out for this one and the White knuckle........ I was thinking of coming down and working the event... Ktmchick let me know if your club would let me help out if I can't ride.... Sap
  14. my ass is still on fire!!! I stretched out something in my hip and it is allowing it to dislocate as well.... so it's not going over well on the home front. I will never stop doing what I love. To me this is just a miner inconvenience!!! Sap
  15. oh..... to be single again!!!! (stay tuned) I wish I could go with you guys. Should be a great time. Sap tip of the day.....don't break your ribs it is not fun at all, especially if you sneeze!!!!