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  1. Sapling Thrasher

    2013 GoldenSpike pictures

    You weren't alone....
  2. Sapling Thrasher

    2013 GoldenSpike pictures

    Yo... haven't been on here in years....
  3. Sapling Thrasher

    R.I.P Kevin Parks

    Thoughts to his freinds and family Jason W
  4. Sapling Thrasher

    Kevin Parks

    Rest in peace buddy!
  5. Sapling Thrasher

    NMA ORP Points Standings Updated

    enduro overall??
  6. Sapling Thrasher

    updated NMA points!!!!!

    Any news or should we just wait for the banquet. Wait a minute I heard a rumor that no one is running the banquet this year!!
  7. Sapling Thrasher

    07 NMA Points Now Online

    The supermoto guys have results/points from their races up on Monday mornings!! We go 3 months wondering what kind of series we have???!?!? I hope the new guy catches on quick!!
  8. Sapling Thrasher

    Favorite Enduro??

    Black bear, 3 times as many checks and not one of them was probably thrown out!!! Hint hint!!
  9. Sapling Thrasher

    Favoite HareScramble???

    All of the very few that I beat Trav at!!! :mad: I can't wait for next year so Trav can woop ass on me again!!!
  10. Sapling Thrasher

    White Knuckle '06

    When does the pee wee race start I don't want to be late!!!
  11. Sapling Thrasher

    blackbear enduro of the year!!!

    That is a sweet shot of Scone!!!! He's in focus and everything else isn't. Get a frame!!!!
  12. Sapling Thrasher

    blackbear enduro of the year!!!

    I am really disappointed that I could not ride but I sure had a good time helping Cascade with the event. They have some real good people in their club and should consider themselves lucky!!! Can't wait until next year so I can ride the single track!!! Sap
  13. Sapling Thrasher

    Black Bear Enduro

    My ribs are still in pretty rough shape...... My daughter jumped on me on Saturday morning and there was a huge pop. They hurt twice as bad as they did when I crashed so I think I'm out for this one and the White knuckle........ I was thinking of coming down and working the event... Ktmchick let me know if your club would let me help out if I can't ride.... Sap
  14. Sapling Thrasher

    Who all is going to the Endurocross from WA??

    my ass is still on fire!!! I stretched out something in my hip and it is allowing it to dislocate as well.... so it's not going over well on the home front. I will never stop doing what I love. To me this is just a miner inconvenience!!! Sap
  15. Sapling Thrasher

    Who all is going to the Endurocross from WA??

    oh..... to be single again!!!! (stay tuned) I wish I could go with you guys. Should be a great time. Sap tip of the day.....don't break your ribs it is not fun at all, especially if you sneeze!!!!