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  1. Trails are right up the street from our house & you could park your jeep here ~ I mostly like to ride while it is raining & that keeps people from hassling us *
  2. The best time to ride out here is right after a good rain ~ or while it is raining if you do not have a plated ride *
  3. We might get some rain out here in the inland area next week ~ best time to ride is while it is raining and you rarely get hassled *
  4. When I was three . . .
  5. PirateDiverJeff has a $5 dollar OHV park right above his house ~ next time you roll past the LOOK OUT turn south on Killen road *
  6. FREE rides are the best rides ~ consider Cahuilla Creek off the 371 *
  7. Going a completely different direction with our 1967 ~ plan to keep her street legal & drive her around a lot *
  8. Nuevo California is near my side yard *
  9. That middle school is over by Martin Luther King high school in Woodcrest ~ doesn't RPD roll through that neighborhood handing out tickets on a regular basis *
  10. Street tires work best for the street ~ while dirt tires are better off road *