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  1. Some cops are by the book with tickets ~ and others would let you slide on a ticket *
  2. RedDrags

    Are 2 strokes dead in California?

  3. Just make sure that you avoid running over the local wild life out here ~ it is bad enough that they battle with one another instead of catching mice *
  4. RedDrags

    the fastest man on the planet

    1st NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle to go 200 MPH at a national event . . . And he accomplished that on a V - twin Buell * In qualification ~ not while racing ! Red, *<(;{)-
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/news/weather/united-states/california/nuevo-12796529 We are supposed to get some rain this week ~^~ looks like better than a 25% chance on Wednesday *
  6. You do know that I am closer to Perris than Elsinore ~ Perhaps I will see you at the drag strip * Unless you want to head over here & ride to the track from Nuevo *
  7. We should be able to ride anywhere these street legal trucks can go ~ however if you piss somebody off & they call the cops, you might get cited *
  8. If you are not plated they will write you up in the Nuevo hills unless it is raining ~ Riverside Sheriff does not pursue in the rain & Wildomar OHV Park is only $5 bucks *
  9. Trails are right up the street from our house & you could park your jeep here ~ I mostly like to ride while it is raining & that keeps people from hassling us *
  10. The best time to ride out here is right after a good rain ~ or while it is raining if you do not have a plated ride *
  11. RedDrags

    Any Non-OHV Riding places?