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  1. RMZ-316

    Any dune rmz's?

    I Have An 05 Rmz-450 I Ride In Some Dunes In South Fla. There Not Huge But They Are Fun. The Bike Is Unbeleivable In The Sand I Was Surpriced It Will Still Lift The Front Wheel Even If Im Leaning Forward
  2. RMZ-316

    Spark Plug NGK

    I Had To Get Mine From The Dealer Also It Cost Me Like $24.00 The Dealer Said The Electrod Is Different
  3. RMZ-316

    Bad news for a proud RMZ450 owner

    I Wish You The Best Of Luck Let Us Know What Happens
  4. RMZ-316

    Rmz 450 Riding Question!!!

    I Have An 05 Rmz-450 I Bought It New It Gave Me Alittle Problem At First In The Trails But The Main Problem Was Getting It Restarted After It Got Hot. I Would Have To Wait Like 5-10 Mins. Before It Would Start Back Up. As For Gearing I Ride In South Fla. In The Trails I Rarely Get Out Of 2nd With The Stock Gearing,if I Would Do Anything It Would Be Go Up A Tooth On The Front
  5. RMZ-316

    RMZ vs LTR motor... similarities?

    Whats Up Moto, Do You Know How Hard It Would Be To Put The Quads F/i Kit On The Rmz Or Will It Even Fit An 05
  6. RMZ-316

    what the

    I Have An 05 Rmz-450 With About 65-75 Hours On It. It Runs Ok But There Have Been Some Post About The Inner Cylinder Peel And Flacking Off Causing Major Problems On Some O5's You Might Want To Check That Also Hope The Best For Ya Good Luck
  7. RMZ-316

    Took the top end off my 05 450

    Good To Hear I Have An 05 Its Doing Good Also I Have Like70 Hrs Total
  8. RMZ-316

    how much engine noise is normal

    I Have An 05 Also It Was A Pain In The Ass To Start When Hot Till About 35hours Now It Starts 1st Or 2nd Kick It Sucks At First I Was Ready To Trade Mine In Till It Start Acting Right
  9. RMZ-316

    05 Rmz 450

    Hey If You Want To Look At Graphics Go To Xgxracing.com
  10. RMZ-316

    05 Rmz 450

    The 450 Is Great I Had An 97 Rm250 I Dont Miss It At All Over The 450
  11. RMZ-316

    RMZ 450 Valve question

    I have a 05 with like 60hrs and i have not touched mine my mech said dont mess with till they get loud
  12. RMZ-316

    hard to start/need help

    I Just Put A New Ngk In My 05 Rmz-450 It Cost $24.50 From The Shop. Its Some New Plug Design From Ngk
  13. RMZ-316

    hard to start/need help

    I Have An 05 I Bought New In May It Was The Same Way Till I Got Like 25 Hours On It Now It Starts Right Up
  14. RMZ-316

    can some one help me

    Sorry To Hear About Your Friend, I Lost My Best Friend Awhile Ago In A Hunting Accident. I Would Help But Im On Aol ,sorry Agin
  15. RMZ-316

    RMZ450 is it to much for trails?

    I Use Mine For Mostly Trail Use And Somr Track. At First During Break In It Was A Bitch To Restart After It Got Hot But Now At 50 Hours It Great I Hardly Get Out Of 2nd But 3rd And 4ths There If I Need It