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  1. motoriderbp

    Lets see all of your bikes together!

    Heres our 3: Ktm:mine, ttr250: dads, ttr125: sisters
  2. motoriderbp

    Bikes - From Beginner to Now

    Ive always wanted a dirtbike eversince i was doubled at my uncles farm, year after year we kept visiting them and dad was getting eager for a bike and so was i!! So after dad and i convincing my mum to let us have one at the age of 14 we got a brand new 05 Yamaha ttr125 Mine: Me and dad took turns of riding it wheneva we went riding, but dad got sick of this so he got himself a brand new 06yamaha ttr 250 As i started off pretty much too big for my lil tt125 i was soon out riding it but i didnt get another bike for 2 years which doesnt bother me as i got another brand spanker at age 16 this time a 07 Ktm250excf! i payed AU$2500 of it and dad paid the rest. I love my Dad !!!:D pic of it after we had just brang it home:
  3. motoriderbp

    Got a valve question? Check here 1st before you post.

    are the 06 bikes any better than valve life wise than the 05 and 04
  4. motoriderbp

    2-stroke vs. desert

    Australasian dirtbike magazine raced the finke desert race here in australia on a 200exc and won its class with ease
  5. motoriderbp

    yz125 vs yz85

    yeah i was definatley in the powerband. im 5'6 and i felt cramped even compared to my ttr.
  6. motoriderbp

    yz125 vs yz85

    I just rode a yz85 today and i wanna know how much a difference in powere is there between a 85 and 125 and whats the powereband hit like? Because the 85 felt a little cramped and i am thinking of buying one soon
  7. motoriderbp

    Yz 85

    i rode my mates yz85 today. I usually ride a ttr125. The yz 85 is absoulutley awsome so much power u just gotta get used to the power band and u will be good to go. it was lifting the front wheel off the ground no problem without the clutch. 1 problem tho. Im 5'6 and the yz felt a little cramped.
  8. srry but i have to know whats totp?
  9. motoriderbp

    bikes of the future

    them electric bikes look like pos's. Seriously they better invent something better by the time fuel runs out because thos things look way too underpowered.
  10. motoriderbp

    lowering w/o destroying suspension?

    I think this is what crf red rider was refering too about rc and villapoto http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1177923,00.html
  11. motoriderbp

    Need a YZ85 video

    thats nuthin my mate went from a ds80 to a ktm 520exc
  12. I dont know if road helmets do this too but i know for a fact that mx helmets brake your collarbone in a crash on purpose so that you dont brake your neck!
  13. motoriderbp

    How does motorcycle engine work?

    I have found these animations very useful 4 stroke:Ani mations on the right hand side : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4_stroke 2 stroke: http://www.liebold.com/rumipages/espansioni/twostroke.html
  14. motoriderbp

    ttr 125 exhaust/baffle question

    just to let you know i serched for baffle,exhaust and spark arrestor and it could not find anything so go stick that up ya!
  15. motoriderbp

    ttr 125 exhaust/baffle question

    If you take the end out of the exhuast(baffle/sparkarrestor) does it give u any power gains? or do you lose power?