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  1. savx13

    Uk spec 05 wr450 lights

    Thanks ! i'll give them a try!
  2. savx13

    Uk spec 05 wr450 lights

    I think i'm going to end up doing that! i just dont undertand how it can affect the lights as is it not on the lighting circuit! By the way did you get a genuine yam regulator or an aftermarket one and how much was it!
  3. savx13

    Exhaust can on a wr 450 04 model.

    If your not worried about noise (like me) get a standard YZF 450 pipe! I got one for £50 off e-bay, its titanium so its light and it gives you a lot more power! as its made by yamaha it fits perfectly! my bike is an 05 WR450 and the pipe is off an 04 YZF, basicly the pipe off a steel framed YZF 426/450 will fit straight on no probs!
  4. savx13

    UK Spec 2005 WR450

    I think it depends on your riding ability and what you want from the bike! Im not a fast dirt rider so i dont use the bikes full potential off road! however im much better on the road and road cicuits so i notice the mod more when in this enviroment! Im told that cutting the grey wire gives you a better ignition timing curve(same as the YZF) they retard the ignition slightly on the WR to make it softer and more user friendly!
  5. savx13

    UK Spec 2005 WR450

    Yes it does have a grey wire! I cut mine about a month after i bought the bike! I now seem to have more low down power. I dont notice it so much on the dirt but it definitly makes a difference when the bike is in supermotard trim!
  6. savx13

    Uk spec 05 wr450 lights

    I have an 05 wr450 (uk spec) which i have owned from new. I use it for trail riding and enduros, i also use it on the road in supermotard trim! Last month it suddenly started blowing bulbs, i got my meter out and checked the voltage at the headlight it was 24volts @5000rpm , i thought it may be the regulator but after looking at the lighting circuit it does not use it! The regulator/rectifier on my bike deals with the ignition and charging side of things (DC) and my lighting circuit is unregulated (AC) which i find strange! A friend of mine has the exact same model bike as me and his is wired up exactly the same as mine (uk spec) yet he has 14volts max at the headlight, its as if my lighting coil has suddenly started producing more power. anyone got any ideas what could be causing this problem!!