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  1. Predator

    A few ttr125 yz rear conversion updates

    I gave it a little twist and put the reservoir on the other side. Took a little re-route of the exhaust, but a little pipe wrap keeps it from heating it up. Plus, it's no closer to the reservoir than the exhaust on my KTM.
  2. Predator

    service honda screwed me?

    seems to me the purpose would be the same as your purpose in dragging Service Honda's name through the mud, wouldn't it? Perhaps you've been screwed, but who's to say who did the screwing. One should probably look over one's shoulder once in a while to see who's actually doing the screwing, eh?
  3. Predator


    jeez, rich, couldn't find any tighter pants?
  4. Predator

    Sweet 500

    well said, Muroc. as for the quality of the Service bikes, show us those close up pics of your bike, Brit in cali guy
  5. Predator

    A few ttr125 yz rear conversion updates

    time to cut some welds loose again
  6. Predator

    A few ttr125 yz rear conversion updates

    hmmm . . . welded the sucker solid, but obviously to the wrong part. Now no movement at all. so, I'm gathering that it needs to be welded to the "banana" piece, correct? Unfortunately, I believe that piece is aluminum vs. the steel piece I've been working with. Please to be explaining to this old fart.
  7. Predator

    A few ttr125 yz rear conversion updates

    quick question: why does the front mount as seen in this pic: need to be welded solid? I've got things all bolted up and everything seems to move all right without any major hangups. What's the deal, yo?
  8. Predator

    A few ttr125 yz rear conversion updates

    finally, someone doing a bit of step-by-step so we can all see how it's done. Whoever asked, I thought about using the YZ frame, but the YZ swingarm mounts thru the back of the engine, and I really didn't want to dink with the extra welding and lining up the engine proper-like. Smartt guy, I may not follow your lead with the washers as spacers where the YZ swingarm mounts to the YZ engine. I think I'll be firing up the lathe and building a piece to fill that gap, either welding it to the swingarm or having it seal up with o-rings. Glad to see someone stepping up and getting 'er done, since the BBR guys seem more interested in selling me one of their swingarms.
  9. Predator

    YZ85 fork swap on small wheel TTR125 ?s

    Please to be explaining how little work I will have to do to make this work, as I have a complete YZ I'm stealing parts off of to upgrade my boy's TTR125.
  10. Predator

    wtf this sucks

    I wonder who will win the motocross championship?
  11. Anybody got any scans they wanna share from the article?
  12. Never said we were on the road to victory, but we have NO chance of winning if we don't make some changes on our own. we *may* ultimately lose the battle. But we *may* WIN some battles if we are proactive, and if we encourage others to be proactive, and we discourage the "I'm gonna be loud cuz they're just gonna kick me off eventually anyway" attitudes. I love you.
  13. So we should do nothing?
  14. I've hauled a dumped washer and dryer to THE dump from my riding area, and made a point of letting people see me do it. It goes a long way when the huddled masses of mouth-breathing eco-nuts see a guy with a dirt bike in the back of his pickup loading up a bullet-riddled wash machine and hauling it off. what have YOU done? Being quiet is something EVERYONE can do.
  15. Check your mailboxes and newsstands, my friends. The issue is out! can't wait to read it.