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  1. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    me on yz85 vid

    It really depends.. I was a trail rider, some MX (but never was that great), and I went from a ttr125l to a yz85 at 13... I was 5'4ish 110lbsish... I rember being really intimidated at first, really hard hitter and hard to keep the front end down going wide open sitting on the gas tank.. For the first week I was slower, but we got tons of parts to give it bottom end (wich is a must, silencer, pipe, reeds, ext) and it was great.. The KX85's and RM85's would be a better choice for your son.. They both have power valves, wich is ideal for newer 2 stroke riders, more bottom end.. I don't know if your a dad who wants little johney to get into the first corner first.. Though the yz85 had the best handling.. Theres a test now on transworldmx.com, hoped that helped..
  2. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    my bike

    Did the majic TT jesus re-do it? You made this thread at 1:30..
  3. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    my bike

    Now your making us look like jackasses, you changed the link, and deleted your garadge.. You are such a liar, I hope I never see you on TT agian...
  4. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    my bike

    Spell check.. I'll corect this for you so you can edit it.. I just edited the first 5 posts I had in a row so I looked less like a queer bag. I spelled like 20 words wrong, and sounded retarded.. Get it?
  5. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    my bike

    Yeah, I actilly laughed out loud at that.. I can't belive he's still trying to get us to belive.. 120 bucks for an oil change???!
  6. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    my bike

  7. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    my bike

    If your going to bitch about spelling and grammar I advise you to STFU.. You've made 3 mistakes in this sentence alone, not counting the one above.. Think about that before you bitch away..
  8. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    Rossi vs. Mladin

    Rossi' No competition!!
  9. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    Gear You Wear When Racing

    How could you leave or No-Fear... I run No-Fear and Thor...
  10. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    me on yz85 vid

    That was pretty good.. Short.. But okay..
  11. RM-ZtwoFIDDY


    Poor bike, I think he did...
  12. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    privateer style

    LMAO!!! That was great!
  13. RM-ZtwoFIDDY

    Your Riding group

    Heres the usual: 2 newer yz250's 1 crf450 1 yz450f 1 yz125 2 rm125's 1 ktm450exc 2 yz85's 1 ttr125 The cousins: -Breeze 80 -crf50 -pw50 W/ training wheels -TTR125l
  14. RM-ZtwoFIDDY


    Ive never seen a backflip on a thumper.. Let alone a backflip-cliffhanger.. Those guys are suicidle!