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  1. Danceswithtrees, Good to know, thanks for the reply. Where was the pic for your avatar taken. We have a local enduro here where one of the special test is riding down the trunk of a large tree. Throttlejockey, I have an OEM kit on the bench but its dimensionally the same as the aftermarket one. I'm just nervous trying to seal the oil galley line using just a millimeter of gasket material. My luck it'll blow 50 miles from the truck and pump all the oil out of the motor. 270+ hours thats a bunch, have you had the bike since new? How many miles? What's your speed average (miles divide by hours)? Sorry for all the questions, just cool to see a bike with high hours, any major issues? Thanks for the reply Garrett
  2. Mike, Just finished ordering a set. Should be here in couple of days. Thanks for the reply. Garrett
  3. Mike in Fresno, Couple other guys told me to look at Cometic as well. They said Cometic has a metal base gasket too. Danceswithtrees, The oil return is the larger of the two hole. The small one is the oil delivery to the top end. Others are saying you can see oil pressures around 35 psi that's my concern. Thanks for the responses guys, greatly appreciated. Garrett
  4. I've attached Pictures of my base gasket, crank case (Pictures worth a thousand ......) Notice the chamfer on the oil galley which is reducing the sealing surface of the case. Then check out the alignment of the base gasket to the oil galley line. The sealing surface of the case and material left on the gasket is extremely thin. I don't want to have a blow out. Has anyone had this issue and what did you do to fix it. Different gasket set (I'm currently using an Aftermarket Top End Gasket Set), sleeve the galley line, don't use a base gasket and add a head gasket to get the right squish, o-ring the line, use sealant to fill the void up to the oil line, etc. I think I might be tapping my own base gasket, ugh. I just replaced my Piston and Rings and was re-assembling. If some of you Engine Rebuilding Gurus could chime in I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thanks in advanced for any replys, Garrett https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/_aMxoNlvB0mU/TY4kKM32RpI/AAAAAAAADlE/3gQDuqM9Azk/2011-03-26_10-31-04_986.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_aMxoNlvB0mU/TY4kQL8YnwI/AAAAAAAADlE/jWZdBaay_RQ/s512/2011-03-26_10-34-24_62.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/_aMxoNlvB0mU/TY4kWMF1iDI/AAAAAAAADlE/NT9S5BIN1Js/s512/2011-03-26_10-32-56_768.jpg https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/_aMxoNlvB0mU/TY4kbqblcFI/AAAAAAAADlE/BEmVOUscKk0/s512/2011-03-26_10-35-53_941.jpg https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/_aMxoNlvB0mU/TY4kj3MgtKI/AAAAAAAADlE/4jS8wsZTxU8/s512/2011-03-26_10-40-18_562.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/_aMxoNlvB0mU/TY4kqVk0vcI/AAAAAAAADlE/RgieysXysN4/s512/2011-03-26_10-41-12_71.jpg