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  1. I have the KLX300 DJ kit in mine. Seems to run really nice, I just need to get mine figgured out. Some people are running the N1TC, a 40 pilot and a 125 main. Check out the Kawi forums for further details.
  2. 4SEVEN3

    '06 KLX 250 Idle issue

    Ill find out and report back, little late tonight, gotta work tomrrow. Ill definitly let ya know.....should I turn it out say 1/2 turn, or just crank on it?? BTW, thanks for the help. I really do appericate it!
  3. I have a '06 KLX 250 Stock Kenihin CVK carb Installed Dynojet jet kit per instructions. Stock pilot jet 2.5 turns on fuel screw (stock) 132 DJ main (a little rich for my altitude/setup, might need to drop back to the 128) Clip on #4 needle groove It idles at 3,000 rpm and I can get it to drop to around 2500, but itll easily stall out. Anything lower than that and it just wont idle! I double checked the tach with a Fluke meter/inductive RPM reading. I ve taken the carb out and rechecked everything. Jets are clear, blew out everything with compressed air and reassembled. Double checked the fuel screw at 2.5 turns. This has got me scratching my head! Thanks for any input!! John
  4. 4SEVEN3

    Anyone Installed A Rad Fan On A Klx 300?

    The 250 tank is shaped different. Some people on the kawasaki250 board have used weatherproof computer type fans that are thinner and run on 12v with success.
  5. 4SEVEN3

    klx250s skid plate

    *lurk* Ive been wondering what kinds of parts are interchangeable with other bikes as well (i.e. KXL300).
  6. 4SEVEN3

    why us boys do it?

    Man, modding is half the fun! Ive never owned a vehicle that I didnt mod something!
  7. 4SEVEN3

    Am I missing anything??

    Hey everyone! Well I get right to the point. Im getting a DRZ400SM here soon. I totalled my BMW this past weekend and dealing with the insurance:cry: . Im getting a bike and goodies lined up, and Id like to hear opnions or suggestions from you guys to see if Im missing anything. Black DRZ400SM (black is faster out of the crate! ) Stainless brake lines, front and rear K&N airfilter (anyone using anything different?) 3x3 airbox mod (or completely remove the top??) DynaJet Jet Kit Yosh full Ti system (any opnions on the Arcopovich??) Ohlins rear shock (custom valved and sprung for my fat ass:busted: ) Ohlins front springs and proper oil weight (everything goes on after the 600 mile service to I can actually tell a difference) Possible future: EBC front brake pads Cams head work big bore FCR carb Anything Im missing thats "free", or that I might be missing??? What about gearing??? Any good suggestions? What kind of Tachometer is good for this application, anything in paticular?? Suggestions appericated!!! John
  8. 4SEVEN3

    FNG here!

    Thanks Guys! Im not too sure what direction Im going to go with on this thing as Im thinking of Motarding it. I rode it for a while today and took it on a very short trail. Its gonna take some getting used to compaired to what Ive been riding for the past 3 years. Are there any specific tweaks I can do for *free*. Ive seen a lot that cost $$. What would the first upgrade be? Im thinking front end work (brakes, springs, fork oil, ect) Thanks for the welcome! John
  9. 4SEVEN3

    carb settings for 98 dr350sew?

    If its a fuel screw your talking about,try about 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 turns out.
  10. 4SEVEN3

    FNG here!

    Hey all! I dont see a place to introuduce myself so I figued Id say HI at the place Ill be spending most of my time! Im on the verge of buying a 2003 DR650 and cant wait to get her on the road! Im coming off a BMWR1100S and this will be my first DS bike. I hope to find some good trails in the Greensboro NC area and the BlueRidge Moutians are less than a hour from my home! If anyone from around here knows of some good places to ride hit me up, well have to go out sometime! Im a Suzuki/Kawasaki technician and loving every minute of it so far! Maybe Ill dee some of you guys on the trials?? Ride Safe! John Greensboro, NC
  11. 4SEVEN3

    Benefits of motorcycle mechanic?

    .........been there done that!!!!!!!!!!!! Im a "motorcycle technician" I work on JetSkis and 4-wheelers (and wear may other hats at work too, service manager, sales, parts, janitor, ect). Ive just started in the industry after getting burnt out on cars (worked on Mercedes, Acura, Honda, and Porsche). I do it for the passion, though I do get paid well and im Hourly wage instead of comission like in the auto industry and other MC tech shops. This insures quality work, and thats all we turn out. No lying, no 1/2ass attempts to fix something. I dont let anything go out the shop door that I wouldnt ride myself. The paticular shop I work for is Suzuki/Kawasaki and family owned. They offer medical, but I declined as Im on my wifes policy. I had a 401k from a previous employer and will continue to make contributions of my own. It really all depends on what the company is offering (most mc shops are small buisness oriented) and what you negotiate at time of employment offer. Nothing is set in stone.