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  1. MXof21

    Going to Silver Lake Dunes, u been?

    I you drop the rear tire to 5 psi you won't have any trouble with a knobby.
  2. MXof21

    Florida Ocala MX

    I live near Ocala and I am always up for a day of MX. I would love to find some guys to set up a regular "ride day" at Hardrock. PM me if you are interested.
  3. MXof21

    Ocala, riding

    I live near Ocala and am up for riding most any time. Shoot me a PM and we can set something up.
  4. I am new to Florida and tried riding Hardrock, I had a blast. I have read a few reviews that were not too positive but I have no complaints, the tracks were well maintained and the owner was friendly and helpful. I will be in Florida for 6 months and hope to make Hardrock a weekly event. I am a 56 year old vet rider and felt comfortable on all the tracks. http://www.hardrockmx.com/
  5. MXof21

    Orlando area camp grounds

    This place has camping but only water and electric, I am pretty sure they don't have sewer. I am new to Florida and have ridden here the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed it, there is something for everyone. http://www.hardrockmx.com/
  6. MXof21

    Pa. rider on vacation :) where do i go?

    I have never tried these folks but here is a place to rent a bike. http://miamitrailriders.com/packages.html I am near Ocala but will be in Michigan 12/18 through 12/26, if you are still around when I get back shoot me a PM.
  7. MXof21

    Valve Clearance Check

    If I can't get any feeler guage to fit I assume the gap is less than 5 and reduce the shims by 10 and try again. We got a group of 450 owners together and bought a complete shim kit. When anyone uses a shim they replace it so we always have a complete set. The shims are the same for Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda, not sure about others.
  8. MXof21

    50+ year old riders?

    There are lots of older MX racers. At the Aztalan VetFest this year there were 44 out of the gate in the 50+ class. After racing with 5-6 guys at the local level it's a rush to race 44. I also raced the 55+ class and there were 19 racers in that class.
  9. MXof21

    RacerX vet series dates

    I had so much fun on your track last fall I am thinking of hitting your spring race. I'm about 500 miles north so it's a haul but your track is worth it. I will probably race both the 50+ and 55+ for the series, look for a slow old guy on a Honda, number 21.
  10. MXof21

    RacerX vet series dates

    The site www.mxvets.com seems to be down but I was able to figure out the first 3 races just going to the respective sites. May 15-16 Byron June 5-6 Springcreek Aug 21-22 Red Bud Can't wait, it is a great series, I hit them all last year and had a ball.
  11. We just finished reversing the South Range track, the track runs like a brand new track, it flows great. In case you are not familiar with the track we are just outside of Houghton, Michigan. We have regular practice every Wednesday and Friday evening and most of the day on Saturday. We have a race weekend coming up 07/12 & 07/13. If you want any more info shoot me an email @ m.rhubert@yahoo.com.
  12. MXof21

    Baraga Loop MICHIGAN

    The South Range MX track is near South Range, just out of Houghton. Here is a link to their website. http://www.rangesno-mobileclub.com/ The track has a race weekend scheduled 07/12-07/13. Danceswithtrees, give me a yell, I'll head towards Marquette sometime, I hear you have some outstanding trails. I am retiring at the end of June so I should have lots of riding time.
  13. MXof21

    Baraga Loop MICHIGAN

    I live in L'Anse and am always looking for someone to ride with. The Baraga ORV loop is great and I love the MX track in South Range. PM me if you are interested.
  14. MXof21

    Marquette-BigBay area rides

    Baraga Plains is ATV width but lots of fun on a bike. I live about 5 miles from the trail, let me know when you head in this direction.
  15. MXof21

    Sandbox Arena

    Modbigslee - Where did you ride in Michigan? I hit Zeeland every week, I still miss it.