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  1. 93hokie

    Help w/a tank bag...??

    ICON gives MSF RiderCoaches a 50% discount on everything except helmets and they give a great discount on those too, but it varies per helmet. You have to contact them and get a form to fill out and you have to provide a photocopy of your MSF RC card to get the discount. But, it took FOREVER to get the stuff. Obviously they give first priority to full price customers.
  2. 93hokie

    Help w/a tank bag...??

    I have the Icon Primer Tank bag on my DR. It's magnetic and I have to fold the back magnetic lip under and slide it between the seat and tank, but it works great. Fully loaded it just barely makes contact with the bars at full lock. I've not used it off road, but for street riding it works great. And considering I picked it up for $25 with my MSF RiderCoach discount, I couldn't pass it up. It doesn't hold ALOT but I usually keep my rain liner for my jacket and an extra pair of gloves in it with no problems. I've always wanted the Wolfman gear, but figured for the price I couldn't pass up the Icon bag. I'd get you a picture of the bag on the DR, but it's at my in-law's farm an hour away.
  3. 93hokie

    Corbin seat for Dr 650?

    I have a Corbin on my 99 DR650. I bought it used from a local guy for $90. It is the one for the aftermarket tank but I put an Icon tank bag on the gas tank and it hides the gap well enough. Buying used, I didn't get to pick my color, etc, so I ended up with a blue leather finish. It doesn't look bad on my bike since there is blue in the decals, but I would have much rather had the black. (pics in my garage) Anyway, as far as comfort, it makes a huge difference over the stock seat, but my back side still starts getting tired after about 3-4 hours on the road. Definitely firmer than stock, but once you get used to it, you'll love it.
  4. 93hokie

    Sealer for valve covers?

    On my '99 the valve clearance check covers have o-rings and don't require a sealer. If you're pulling the whole valve cover off, I can't remember the name of it, but I used the black high temp automotive gasket sealer for that.
  5. 93hokie

    Show off your Dual Sports!!!

    ossidog, that is a beautiful WR motard!!!!!
  6. 93hokie

    Got & installled Givi E350 luggage

    Nice. I'm not wild about the looks of big trunks on any bike, but they server a purpose that far outweighs the looks. I've got a trunk about that size for my Triumph Sprint and I hate the way it looks on the bike, but man does it hold ALOT of stuff. Never thought about putting a hard trunk on the DR. I've got a Nelson-Riggs expandable sports pack on a ProBillet rack on mine, and I have alot more $$ in it that you have in the hard trunk. Good job!!
  7. 93hokie

    I Refuse to Compromise - Tire Question

    For the street on stock rims: Pirelli Scorpion S/T is hard to beat. I've got almost 11K on the set on mine now. Granted, 80% was highway riding while commuting, but they have never broken loose with me when riding more aggressively in the twisties.
  8. 93hokie

    What grade/brand of oil do you use?

    I have used Castrol Syntec (full synthetic) 10W40 in my bikes with zero problems. That includes a 1986 Vulcan 750, 1997 DR350SE, and 1999 DR650SE (currently with 21K miles). I have always heard synthetic would make the clutch slip, etc etc, but have never experienced any problems. Just bought a Triumph Sprint and they recommend Synthetic from day one. As was said, you'll get every opinion under the sun about oil. I've just tried to stick with what the majority does and stay within recommendations for the bike.
  9. 93hokie

    How stupid am I?- dual star heat grips

    Same here. Hi will cook the hands...
  10. 93hokie

    alpinestar tech 10 help

    Some what unrelated, but kinda related. I had a pair of Alpnestars Roams for waterproof street boots that I bought over a year ago. I noticed recently that a seam was coming loose. I emailed Alpinestars and they told me to send the boots back and they'd replace them. Sure enough, they are replacing them. Of course, they don't make the Roams anymore, so I am getting a different boot, but still pretty cool to see a company stand behind their products. They gave me the option of paying the difference for the higher priced boots, but I was happy with what I had and don't have any extra $$ right now. Just thought I'd share. They'll definitely get more of my business.
  11. 93hokie

    Some hard top case / trunk pictures / recommendations?

    I've got a Nelson-Riggs Expandable Sport bag on my DR650. It fits perfectly on my ProBillet rack. It's a soft bag, but has a waterproof cover that comes with it, and I can fit a full face helmet in it. Bag is very well made and seems to fit the dualsport style. Best part was it was only $45. Might be a cheaper alternative. I don't have any pictures uploaded of it, but I could get you some if interested.
  12. 93hokie

    How many of you have Suzuki DR200's?

    We have 2 2006 DR200s in our fleet of trainer bikes. They are excellent starter bikes. Since we use ours to teach people how to ride, increasing the power is not an option, but they are, in my opinion the best bikes we have to take the MSF BRC on. We got them new this year with 0 miles on them. Both have 500+ rough miles on them as you can imagine with the abuse they get from novice riders. I suspect opening up the airbox, rejetting and an aftermarket exhaust would really help. All of the DRs seem to be lean from the factory and these mods really helped my DR350SE and DR650SE. Heck, I've never seen a bike they didn't help. I have seen on Jesse's site that he is doing a muffler mod for the 200 now. I had him do the similar mod to my DR350 and I was extremely pleased with the work.
  13. 93hokie

    Pirelli Scorpion S/T in action

    F:22-23psi R:25-26psi Please don't expect to get that kind of mileage out of the tires. I think my commuting miles are very easy on the tires. Pretty consistent speed the whole time, not much stopping/starting. Judging from the first picture in this thread, I think you'll go through them alot faster than I do commuting. (that's a compliment) But overall, they grip well and wear well, so I am very happy with them. When the trailing edge of the tread pattern wears more than the front or middle of the pattern because the tread flexes more there. It is caused by traction during cornering and braking and is normal. Low tire pressure can cause it to happen prematurely on tires. Sometimes it is hard to see, but if you rub your hand across the tire surface you can really feel how uneven it is.
  14. 93hokie

    Pirelli Scorpion S/T in action

    Front tire has no signs of cupping what-so-ever. The lighting and the angle of the shot do make it look like it though.
  15. 93hokie

    Pirelli Scorpion S/T in action

    ProMoto Billet. TT sells some promotobillet stuff, but i don't see the racks listed and it won't let me link the URL to the site here. Go here: www . promotobillet . com/shop/item.asp?itemid=20 Very nice rack.