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    Noisy balancer shaft in CRM250

    Hey Everyone, My bro-in-law just picked up a '91 model Honda CRM250. It was chained to a tree on a mates farm for about 6 months and still only took 2-3 kicks to get it going...awesome Bike is a bit messy but generally in good nick, had a top end done about 2000klms ago, goes like stink, but sound terrible, after reading on crm250.com it sounds like it is the balancer shaft. A few people have mentioned we can go on riding it like this and it shouldn't self destruct, just noisy. Question is: Can we remove the balancer shaft all together and run the bike without it? I've heard it suggested but never actually heard from someone that has done it. Will it leave an oil passage open so oil pressure drops off (if that can happen in this bike) Does anything in the engine rely on the balancer being there? Thanks for the help Dennis Sydney Australia