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  1. What rack system are you using to mount those Givi cases?
  2. Thanks for all the info, I just went ahead and ordered the seat from Sporttour.com
  3. Buying from sporttour.com can save me 45.00 over buying directly from Sargent. Are they factory seconds or identical to buying direct. Sargent does have a 30 day moneyback satisfaction guarantee
  4. I was quoted a lead time from Renazco of 6 months....seriously
  5. Those that have a Sargent seat did you get it with or without the welting? Does the welt affect comfort at all?
  6. Renazco = great off road, is it the same for the street? I would like to able to ride for 300 miles w/o my arse in pain
  7. I actually have a Rick Mayer saddle on my Bandit - comfy compared to the stock seat Does the Mayer saddle support using both the stock and aftermarket tanks or is it like a Corbin?
  8. Don't say Russell its to ugly. Initially I was set on ordering a Renazco, however the Sargent seat has peaked my interest. Any recomendations ?
  9. Thanks Will be looking forward to the pics
  10. A picture is worth a thousand words... so lets see it How long did it take to get your seat?
  11. Mine started doing it with less than 400 miles on it & I will probably eventually get the header ceramic coated.
  12. The EMT clamp is used for attaching conduit to a wall. Bought at the local hardware store. I used the 1" EMT, modified the thru hole to accept a pem nut, contact cemented a strip of rubber on the inside of the clamp to protect the frame.
  13. I should have read the question more clearly as I assumed that it was the skid plate itself I did not use the provided aluminum clamps for my plate. I ended making one up from 1" EMT clamp. I opened up the existing clearance screw hole so that I could press in a metric pem nut and lined the inside of the clamp with 1/16thk. rubber. It works great and I have no issues with it hitting anywhere.