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  1. I also did the jetting, airbox, and exhaust (TBR M-7) and noticed a big difference in power. I accidentally drilled the slide more than suggested, but it still runs super smooth. I'd say the biggest difference has been in the widening of the powerband. It used to have noticeably more pep in the higher RPMs; now it pulls hard starting from lower RPMs. Overall, the bike just feels like the motor is more able to keep up with the size of the bike. Felt under powered before... I have no idea how hard the changes are on the bike, but I suspect I'm more likely to beat on it with the increased power. It's just too tempting to hit the gas now...
  2. Are you making the carbon fiber pieces yourself? i.e., "making molds". What's the reason? Looks? Trying to shed a few ounces? :-)
  3. just buy it and don't look back... if you find something about the suzuki that you don't like, the guys on this forum will help you find a workaround...
  4. I asked the same question about a week ago. Have yet to buy one though. It's next on my list when I find the time... See this thread for great pics and info: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=384695
  5. at 5'10" you'll be much happier on the 650. you might even choose to lower it.
  6. yeah, it's the super motard version. people actually race those bikes around asphalt tracks. starting to become pretty popular from what i can tell...
  7. so, sgtmike, did you do the rich/lean test by just looking at the sparkplug color, or do you have another way to check? i ran both the 155 and 160 and didn't notice a difference in terms of how well the bike ran... also, jesse suggests running about three tanks of gas through the engine before checking plug color. i've heard from others to run it hard up through the gears, use the kill switch at full throttle, bring 'er to a stop and then check the color. any pref one way or the other? thanks!
  8. that's great to hear. any downside? definitely pricey, but probably worth it for a stress-free ride. i think i'll grab one in the next week or two... some pics would be great! thanks!
  9. Has anyone tried out the Scott's Steering Stabilizer? http://www.scottsperformance.com/indexframe.html#scotts.htm The front tire shaking that I'm getting with my D606 @ 70mph+ is starting to make me feel old again... (read: scared of wrecking)...
  10. since the mods, i'm getting right at 50 mpg. the bike is super fun, even when stock. as far as top speed, i got mine going 102 on the trail wings. you'd have to be nuts to go that fast with the d606's. as for the brakes, they're not too bad. could be better, could be worse. the bike is fairly heavy, and once you get some decent tires on there, it definitely has to work to stop in a hurry...
  11. i don't actually downshift into 2nd. seems to be a little hard on the bike considering that i'm almost stopped anyway.
  12. i could have told you guys months ago that there would be an '07 in black. i wanted black and bought an '06 in blue, so of course they'd come out with it now...
  13. jesse sells a lot more than jet kits. at the minimum, you should have gotten the sprocket and pipe from jesse as well cause you're gonna be using the heck out of his expertise...
  14. yeah, the kickstand kill switch is great... until you hit some major terrain and the engine dies... not a problem on a new dr, but the spring does loosen up a bit over time...
  15. Great mod! Thanks for the pics...