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  1. wheelie69

    Rear axel nut size on an 06 CRF 450R?

    Ever heard of a cresent wrench? Thats what the guys at the dealership use
  2. wheelie69

    Grips for sissy hands?

    U guys use grips?I agree with chris021. calauses r ur friend. Toughn up
  3. wheelie69

    Won't Idle

    Did the problem start when u installed the exhaust? If So definetly jetting, but if it just started id pull the slow speed jet and make sure its not clogged. When i bought my 03 it was a year and a half old and been sitting for a year. The jackass that owned it let it sit up with a full tank and bowl. Presto! Sludge in the bowl and the jet was clogged. It would run fine just like ur describing but wouldnt idle. Cleaned the jet an it purrs like a xr now. Good luck
  4. wheelie69

    Poll: how much do you weigh...

    Ok i"ll take the lead, 6'4" 260 (butt naked). I cant imagine how good u "littles guys" bikes run. Mine has no problem carrying my big ass around.
  5. wheelie69

    CRF450 parts fish?

    Tuna maybe? I perfer a parts squirrel
  6. wheelie69

    Sick jump....

    Unimpressed, Fonzie jumped a shark bitches. HEEEEEEEY!
  7. wheelie69

    I think Dexcool was a bad idea....

    Do'h! Yeah dexcool and aluminum parts dont mix. It actually turns into an acid if mixed with exhaust gases. Ive only seen it happen in trucks with a blown headgasket though.
  8. wheelie69

    Air filter problems

    If ur running the stock filter do ur self a favor and throw that piece of crap away. Invest in A quality aftermarket piece ( uni, k&n.....)
  9. wheelie69

    Necessary Tools?

    B sure 2 grab A set of extra levers if ur not running handguards. A small spill can end ur day quick if ur clutch or fr brake lever is missing. Trust me ive been there.
  10. wheelie69

    18" 450x rear wheel fit my 450r?

    HA HA! thats a good one me neither.
  11. wheelie69

    crf price

    DONT DO IT! Ditch that mosqutio killer. Once u get use 2 the 450 you will never want 2 sling a boot over another ding dinger. But if u still want 2 get rid of it ive got an old 84 rm 125 covered in weeds behind my shop, i'll trade ya straight up 4. newayz id say 5500-5800
  12. wheelie69

    18" 450x rear wheel fit my 450r?

    Dont get off the mx track much huh medicdad2005? U have the same overall height but another inch or so of actual tire height. Thats the reason almost EVERY bike designed for off road use comes with a 18" rear. Hince the 450xs 18" rear. kinda like goin from a 40 series car tire to a 70 series. More cushion for the rough stuff. U dont half to worry bout it on a groomed (no rocks,tree roots,etc.) motox track but its a diffrent story for us cross country guys.
  13. wheelie69

    How many guys use the R for off road vs moto?

    Strictly cross country on my R. I love it
  14. I was wondering if its possible to swap a 18" 450x rear wheel onto My 03 450r? If so is it a certain year? Thanks 4 any info.