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  1. osbourne_171

    cam chain...

    well i've decided to rebuild my 2004 YZ250F. i found most of the parts pretty easily but for some reason i can't find a website that sells cam chains... does anyone know of a website that sells a cam chain for a 2004 YZ250F?
  2. osbourne_171

    Need Idle Help Desperately

    well if all of this stuff isn't working it might be your clutch. the clutch plates might be worn.
  3. osbourne_171

    Need Idle Help Desperately

    i also had this problem with my bike. i fixed it by taking off the top cover on the carb. inside there is a screw that holds down the needle. that screww fell out causing my throttle to stick. i dont know if that is whats wrong with your bike but it might help.
  4. osbourne_171

    engine problems

    my serial number is z50ae-433751. i did turn it over a few times by hand first but everything seemed to be ok. i needed the race head because the original head was worn out.
  5. osbourne_171

    engine problems

    the head broke because the head wasnt made for the high compresion piston. the piston hit the valves and when they got hot enough they bent. when they bent the piston tried pushing them back into the head causing the rocker arm mounts to break
  6. osbourne_171

    engine problems

    i have a 1973 z50. its been sitting in my garage for about 10 years. about a year ago i decided that i wanted a pitbike for the races. i got it all fixed up nice and it ran fine, but of course i wanted to go faster. i installed an 88cc big bore kit and race head which was a big mistake. after about 5 minutes of rune time the head was destroyed. i need to find a new head and fast.(the next race is in febuary). does anyone have any suggestions on where to get a new head from?