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  1. Don't over oil the air filter! Or buy a pre-oiled air filter to get you started. Congrats on the ride, and be safe...
  2. I started collecting older and/or different helmets recently, and looked at many ways to display them. In the end, I bought these Roma Helmet Holders ($3.99 each) from a pet/horse store, cheapest I could find them. Holding up well, even for some of the heavier helmets... https://www.jefferspet.com/products/black-roma-helmet-holder?sku=0VHP
  3. 3girlsdad

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    Thanks for the info and for sharing!
  4. 3girlsdad

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    Thanks for the tip. Just looked at his web site. Much appreciated.
  5. 3girlsdad

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    I can assure you I put mine thru the paces. I primarily ride my KTM 500 XCW that is plated. I bought the 230 for my soon-to-be stepson who just turned 16. In the short time we've had the 230, it's seen it's share of decent offroadedness. The two days after Christmas, we rode Hidden Falls Adventure Park, which is 10,000 acres of single track, two track, rock climbs for buggies, etc. Lots of rocky climbs, and the 230 was on the ground about a half dozen times. Took it like a champ. The boy can keep up pretty well on the 230. I'm no pro and not fast, but raced MX until about 10 years ago, locally. Did a couple of TORCS races as well (Tx Offroad Racing Series). So again, you insinuate because the bikes look fresh and clean that they are not ridden, which is not the case, at least for me. I simply choose to clean my bikes after riding, and take care of my stuff. Here's the only pic from the days after Christmas, which was prior to the plastics surgery...
  6. 3girlsdad

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    You are a sick, sick individual. And I like it. My 04 looks similar. 2017 tank, shrouds, plastics and even same graphics kit. I gotta know some of the details... 1. Did you build the wheels or buy them? Are they 21/18 and are they 2.85 and 1.85 or whatever? Where'd you get them? I want black wheels/red hubs, red nipples, black spokes! 2. What front end is on there? Bolt on or lots of mod? 250x? 3. I assume you had the rear hub powdercoated red? or is it anodized? 4. What header are you running on there? Absolutely love the build. Really nice job!!!! Here's a pic of mine, before a few extras put on, and the list of goodies I've done so far: 2017 gas tank, shrouds, front fender, side panels, rear fender, seat cover (Throttle Jockey) Flu Designs graphics kit Baja Designs street legal kit DoubleTake mirror ProTaper handlebars TrailTech computer K&N air filter Battery Tender pigtail for trickle charger NGK Iridium Sparkplug DPR8EIX-9 Enduro Engineering hand guards Zeta red anodized front brake guide clamp Maier black front disc/fork guard Red fork boots Rev CDI box JBS black oversized foot pegs BBR Motorsports heavy duty shock spring New rear OEM shock Red anodized rim locks Red anodized chain adjusters (aka snails) Black spoke wraps Black/red rim protectors/decals
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    530 EXC cutting out when hot

    the OEM fuel pump is ~$350. i ended up buying the one below, which is $70, and have read good reviews. we'll see... http://www.highflowfuel.com/i-23899042-new-intank-efi-fuel-pump-ktm-500-exc-2012-2016.html
  8. 3girlsdad

    530 EXC cutting out when hot

    Update: it was the fuel pump. Not even 40 hours on my bike and the fuel pump is bad. Seems to have happened a lot on KTM500s...
  9. 3girlsdad

    530 EXC cutting out when hot

    Welp, I finally got around to replacing the pulsar coil. That didn't fix the problem of the bike bogging down beyond 1/2 ~ 3/4 throttle. Guess I'll take her to the dealer.....
  10. 3girlsdad

    530 EXC cutting out when hot

    thank you sir.
  11. 3girlsdad

    530 EXC cutting out when hot

    thanks for the quick reply! however, i am still unable to locate that particular part on parts fiche. you saying i need a whole new stator? https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/6 > Ignition System
  12. 3girlsdad

    530 EXC cutting out when hot

    reviving an old thread. my 15 500 XCW is doing the same thing. cannot locate the "ignition signal pickup spool" can you tell me what part that is. can't find it on parts fiche. thanks in advance.
  13. 3girlsdad

    Race Tech Plastics ?

    We just put a set of Race Tech plastics on my neighbor's CRF250X, and the fit and quality was surprisingly good. The airbox lined up fine with a washer behind the plastic to even it out a bit. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a set for my CRF450X.
  14. 3girlsdad

    Your best pic of your 450x...

  15. 3girlsdad

    What Radiator Guards fit

    That is great news! I'm in the process of sending my IMS tank back to them. They have graciously agreed to replace it, even though it's out of warranty (it is the clear tank, which had some cracking probs for some that were made during a certain time-frame). So, glad to hear the tank will fit. Mines been off for a while due to the cracks, so I wasn't sure if it would fit. Seems like I have to fill up every 30 minutes on the stock tank.........
  16. 3girlsdad

    What Radiator Guards fit

    doesn't look like either of you have a fan kit installed with the mohards and the aftermarket tank. nice bikes!
  17. 3girlsdad

    What Radiator Guards fit

    In my experience, all guards seem to fit with the radiator fan. It's when you add aftermarket fuel tanks in the mix that things can get hairy.
  18. 3girlsdad

    Plating a bike in Texas

    Once legal (turn signals are NOT required in Texas), get it insured. Then, you simply go get it inspected. The inspection place will put your inspection sticker on your bike (mine is on my swingarm). Take the inspection sheet along with your title and insurance to the local tax office. Tell them you have the bike street legal, show the inspection, and tell them you want to convert it to street title (MC on the title, as opposed to OFFROAD ONLY). Pay the fees and they give you license plate right then and there. PM me if you have additional questions, happy to help. Paul
  19. 3girlsdad

    Trail Tech Cooling Fan with IMS Gas Tank. IT FITS

    good to know. i too have been putting this off thinking it was going to be a big job. i also bought the relocation bracket from an inmate on here just in case.
  20. 3girlsdad

    2008 CRF450X purchase

    based on many recommendations here, i went to a 14 x 48, so that i could ride 60-70 mph at a stretch and not feel like i was tapping the motor out. you give up some 1st speed crawl, but wheelies are still no problem at all
  21. 3girlsdad

    Dual Sport Mirrors Help!

    everyone's definition of "fairly priced" will vary. i have (and know many that have) Double Take mirrors. You can just get one, or get a set. they work off of ram mounts, so you can get as long of a mount as you want. i've moved my DT mirrors from bike to bike to bike because they are awesome. indestructable (they will replace for free if you break them). http://www.doubletakemirror.com/build/honda
  22. 3girlsdad

    Wheel Spacer?

    I kept the stock unit minus the cable (trail tech vapor installed). I put a cap from a door stopper on the cable thread and it fits perfectly. Has never come off and keeps the elements out.
  23. 3girlsdad

    Clarke Tank

    PM sent...
  24. 3girlsdad

    dual sport helmet

    You will get tired of the shield on a "dual sport helmet" trust me. Just get some OTG (over the glasses) goggles and you'll be fine.
  25. 3girlsdad

    TrailTech Fan kit

    I have an IMS tank as well (3.?? gallons). I had emailed with Trail Tech because I wanted to install the fan with the bigger tank, plus EE radiator guards. He said that it should work/fit. I have yet to install any of it, as I've just now gotten my OE radiators back from welding them up. I have a set of flebay oversized ones on there now, which have done remarkably well.