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  1. How do I know that is it? How do I fix it? Any other ideas what it could be? How does over filling cause that to happen?
  2. I think that I put too much oil in my bike ('05 sxf 450) now i have oil all over the right side of my motor, around the kick start back to the swing arm. Point of origin unknow. Well at least not obvious signs. If any body has any ideas what this might be, I would love to hear your ideas. Is there a over fill hose or valve, how bad is this.
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    Arm Pump revisited

    Before we ride we eliminate as much sugar as possible from our diet. (We don't normally eat sugar anyway) that seemed to help a lot! Also, having Carpal Tunnel in both wrists I had to change my diet to eliminate inflamatory foods which include red meats. Although I haven't eliminated them 100% I do watch what I eat the day before I ride. This has helped tremendously! Oh and tons of water!! Good Luck! Q