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  1. I have a street legal CRF450R. I need suspension work bad. I am about 170 pounds. Should i lower the bike? Give me all the information you guys can think of. thanks.
  2. Sfairc

    How fast does your 450R eat oil

    Thanks all for the info. Looks like I am going to rebuild the top end than. Any top ends that you recomend? OEM parts? Thanks.
  3. I have an 02 450R street legal. I was crusin it around the streets today with the oil window a little under the high point. After crusin it all day the oil point is at the low point of the window. There is no oil leak that I can see. And I never exceded over 50mph. Are hondas oil eaters?
  4. Looking to get a new Exhaust. I heard Pro Circuit was the best for honda. Is this true?
  5. Sfairc

    02 CRF450......good year??

    I have a 02 and it is plated. I love it.
  6. Sfairc

    New Plastics & Rims

    I am looking for some forged aluminum wheels, nothing spoked. If anyone knows any good rims let me know please. Thanks.
  7. Sfairc

    New Plastics & Rims

    Does anyone make carbon fiber plastics for the TE 510 or I am I just asking for to much. Also I want to get some Motard Rims and tires. What size do I need to get for front and rear. And who sells the best setup for the scotts dampeners.
  8. Sfairc

    TE450/TE510 Weight

    Well I guess I will stick with the 510 than. I just didn't like in the article they made it seem like the 510 was a weight monster. but the 450 is right next to it. like 10 pounds lighter
  9. Sfairc

    TE450/TE510 Weight

    In the Dirt Rider mag they say that the TE510 weights in at 265 with no gas. I hope this is not what the TE450 weights in at with no gas. If the stroke is just shorter on the 450 I guess they are around the same than You would hope it would be like 30 pounds lighter.
  10. I live in Nor-Cal. Have a down payment on the TE510, I was going to take it on the streets alot. That is why I wanted the bigger engine. The 450 just does not have the power. Great bike for the dirt. But so is the 510.
  11. Why is the 450 considered more of a race bike when the 510 is the same? Just a bigger engine and a few pounds more than the 450. I would say the 450 is just in the 450 race class. I did not read the fourm. So don't think my post is crazy, you might have already answered this question:bonk: Thanks
  12. Sfairc

    99 Wr400

    Ty. for the post.
  13. Sfairc

    06 TE450...waiting...waiting...

    I have a deposit on a TE510. It wont hit the shore for at least another week or 2. Than you have to wait another 10 days to have it shipped from the Pen state. So don't expect it for at least the end of this month or latter.
  14. Sfairc

    99 Wr400

    Does anyone make a kit for the 99 WR400 to make an extra 50cc kit out of the engine? Or more than 50cc? I thought Two brother made one or something. I could be mistaken
  15. Sfairc


    Ya I cant wait till I get it