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  1. I bought a Honda TRX250 for my kids. Is there an online community similar to ThumperTalk that caters to people that ride on four wheels? Thanks. (Yeah, I already know, four-wheeler riders are the scourge of the Earth.)
  2. Mine did the same. 53 cents for two stainless screws at the hardware store takes care of any future problems.
  3. I put on brand new Motion Pro push and pull throttle cables and a new Motion Pro throttle tube. Reassembled the throttle assembly. When I first slide it onto the handlebars, the action seems smooth. But when I slide it all the way on, up against the brake lever mount, it becomes sticky and won't return. I've adjusted the new cables as well as I can, cleaned the handlebars, lubricated the throttle assembly. Is there a trick to getting these things back together and in proper working order? Thanks.
  4. I have a set of Answer Racing CS Series handlebars, impossibly high bend. I was trying to find the specs for them but when I went to the Answer Racing website, there is no listing for hard parts at all, just riding gear and accessories. I haven't been into moto for too long, did Answer used to make these parts and has since stopped?
  5. kompressor

    Changing my sprockets!

    The smaller you go on your front sprocket, the harder it is on your chain. While only dropping one tooth won't make that much of a difference, it may be something to consider. It will add just a bit more friction and shorter chain life by swapping front sprocket.
  6. kompressor

    Newbie's Questions - various (already done search)

    Your snorkel has already been 86'd.
  7. kompressor

    Tax return time, what to get?

    Despite my intentions to make only "necessary" purchases, this year's winter tune-up put me back about $400 in aftermarket, $150 in OEM, and $200 in service. One thing I was disappointed in is the MSR CR High bend bars I ordered. They look friggin short. I wanted to avoid risers, I prefer to mate the bars directly to the top clamp, but I don't think I'll be able to avoid it now. These bars are just not high enough.
  8. Looking at the list of available colors, the closest seems to be 2000 XR Silver. My bike is a 99. Anyone know how much difference there is between the two, if any?
  9. kompressor

    valve question

    This is a crappy way to post this, but its from a PDF file and I didn't want to screw with converting, so here's a couple screen grabs from the factory service manual for 96-04 XR250's, 400's.
  10. kompressor

    Thor Commercial

    cool enough production, but like so many other commercials, i'm not sure what the hell they're trying to sell me.
  11. That's one of the coolest photos I've ever seen. The serene expression on her face makes it 10 times better.
  12. kompressor

    choosing right bar height

    I asked this question of a group of off-road riders when I first joined their club. One of the guys told me to put the bike on the stand so you can stand up with your back straight. 2) swing your arms forward to hit the bars with the back of your hands. You want the bars to make initial contact right about where your longest finger's nail is ( the half moon part on your finger). 3) use that for a reference to determine how much taller or shorter or how far the bars need to be rolled forward to achieve ballpark bar height. I used his advice and it worked out nice for me. Got the ride bar height dialed in the first time. I'm 6'2" on a XR250, I didn't want to waste a bunch of time and money trying to find the right setup.
  13. kompressor

    Jetting question???

    99 XR250. Thanks.
  14. kompressor

    Just WOW!

    dude, you're fired for bringing that to our attention...
  15. kompressor

    Jetting question???

    I'm assuming my jetting is stock. Bought the bike used. I've since added a Ti-4 exhaust and yanked the snorkel out my airbox. I've seen enough posts to know that I need to change my jetting now, but I have no clue to what to change it to. I ride between seal level and 300 ft. in the muggy-ass conditions of southeast Texas. Is there a reference for this? Or trial and error?