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  1. I adjusted the float the other way (lower level, in other words bent the tab out) and I'll be danged if it didn't work! It is pretty smooth all the way through the gears with no stumble at WOT, although now feels a little lean on the top. Tomorrow I will try the 16e needle again with the lower float level and see how that works. In other words back to the default settings but with a lower float level. So, I was running rich on top I guess. Too much gas and it could only catch up every once in a while. When it did the acceleration was great! Now the acceleration is a little lazy-er which makes me think it could be lean now with the 15e needle. No stumbles though! Which if you remember I could not get rid of with either needle and any of the settings, but the leaner I set it, the better it ran. Now with it at the right float level (no measuring with machinist tool as it says in the instructions, just an eyeball "This looks about right" hack job") I can go back and try richer settings. One thing is for sure, my next bike is going to be FI...
  2. I am about 25 clicks from full rich and running the 15E, with an aftermarket pipe and opened up aribox! Doesn't that seem way lean, even at 4,000 feet? That is where it runs best though, but stumbles at WOT. I have tried all the clicks at 16e and 15e (lots of pulling over and shutting down on a dark lonely highway) The stumble made me think it was not getting enough fuel in the bowl so I bent the little tab thingy to add more fuel, and it ran worse. So I am going to bend it the other way (out so it has less fuel in the bowl) and see if that helps. I guess it makes sense, if everything on the default was too rich (both the 16e needle, and the 15 clicks off of rich) then the float probably was too. Never give up never surrender, right? I love everything else about this big cushy couch if I can just make it run right..
  3. I haven't tried the 17e yet, but I might as well. Maybe I am reading whether it is lean or rich wrong. The plug was black, (I put in a new one) so I was thinking I was running rich this whole time. But it doesnt make sense with the aftermarket exhaust and opened up air filter.. So confused... Some of the other threads suggest that the Edlebrock gives up some broad range performance in exchange for simplicity. Get bottom end, lose top etc. It starts every time, never floods and just plain works. But... Not being able to pin the throttle in 4th and 5th on a 50/50 bike is not good enough.
  4. 1994 XR650L I am at 4000 feet, with a supertrap pipe and aftermarket airfilter with some holes in the box. It has a hotcam and a recent re-build (the previous owner). I took off the emissions equipment with the kit from Baja Designs. I installed the Edlebrock and it fired right up, idles smooth. Upon acceleration there was bogging, so I turned the adjuster leaner, and installed the 15 needle. It accelerates fine, with a little hesitation after the first hit, then a surge of acceleration to the top that feels great through gears 1-3, when I hit 4th at WOT the bike stumbles or surges, like it isnt getting enough gas. Chunks of acceleration with power loss in between. If I keep the throttle open, it will eventually catch up and take off. I tried the 16 needle and all the adjustments I could both ways on the adjuster of the needle height. The lower end ran different rates of crappy and good, but nothing got rid of the top end stumbling. Again only with WOT in only 4th and 5th gears. I thought maybe the float was to low so it wasn't getting gas. I adjusted the tab for more gas, but the same problem. I have spent many hours installing and trying to tune this carb, and I am getting frustrated. I had the usual cable binding issues (fixed with an extra wrap of the return spring) at first and now just cannot get it to run right. I am about ready to chuck that Edelbrock out in the street. The frustrating thing is the power that I can feel in the few spots that it runs right. If it was like that the whole rev range it would be great! Any help is much appreciated.