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  1. bomber31

    What Helmet Cam do you use?

    i strongly recommend the GoPro. they are a great camera, easy to use, plenty of mounts and sound is great. these are videos i made with WVM. even watching them in HD on youtube they still kill the quality a bit. i don't like seeing the videos on the company's site cause they always are misleading. mine is right off the camera and has nothing special done to them
  2. bomber31

    Piston rings

    just did mine. comp ring (top one) opening facing forward, and bottom oil ring the top one pointing back and the bottom one 20 degrees to either side. just dont make sure it gets cought when puting the cylinder on
  3. bomber31

    Brake Pads?

    yea oem kawi brakes are great! i got 108hrs out of my oem rears and the fronts are still on there. i race enduros in jersey and its all sand. i was completely shocked at how long they lasted
  4. bomber31

    Kawi Bond?

    it will probably slow your bike down!!!
  5. thanks for the info. i was thinking it might be the weather too but its pretty bad and im just not sure if the weather would make that big of a diff. how are people getting the pump timing so early that it hits the slide?
  6. i just did a top end on my 08 KX250F and after running it i found that i have a bog off idol when i crack the throttle. the only thing i changed was that i ground off the bottom of the AP diaphram. i already had the linkage wired. the last time i rode was on black friday and it ran great. but right now its about 20 degrees outside. it was probably around 40+ on black friday here. would the cold weather cause the bog? i have confirmed everything is clear and the AP is pumping. i also noticed that everyone is talking about AP timing adjustments. my adjustment screw is all the way out and does not hit the slide like some people are talking about. could their be a problem with my diaphram?
  7. so i rebuilt my top end..... well in the process of cause the dealer is taking forever with the cam chain..... and i always run Amsoil full synthetic. should i use a non synthetic for the first few hrs to let the rings seat? i know you shouldn't when its new so i was thinking maybe i shouldn't now?
  8. bomber31

    Helmet Camera - Suggestions?

    defiantly go with the gopro. its a great camera. one of my buddys has the vholdr and its nothing like the gopro. the best part is the wide angle lense. its almost impossible to screw up aiming it. it holds up well and is waterproof. there are of a few of us that have them and we all have no complaints. i definatly would not get any other camera. i put some videos on youtube and it hurt the quality so watch them in HD. the gopro just came out with a 1080p camera too. mine is the original and it looks great.
  9. bomber31

    To rebuild or not to rebuild

    2008 and stock
  10. bomber31

    To rebuild or not to rebuild

    well i just got everything measured and believe it or not the cylinder is round and in spec. i took it to a local retired guy that works on bikes and he rebuilds at least 2 4stks a week and he was absolutely surprised at how good everything looks. the valves are fine and the ring gap is still in spec too. the cylinder looks brand new. i am definatly a firm believer in Amsoil. we ran it in our 2smokers and now in the thumpers and it is great stuff. even after 111 hrs and an auto clutch the oil after a 80mile enduro comes out looking like it does in the bottle.
  11. bomber31

    To rebuild or not to rebuild

    Last night I pulled off the valve cover and found the valves were still in spec but just on the tight side. I did order an oem piston kit and cam chain. I might as well put a chain in it while it's apart I've seen many of them stretch pretty far. I'm goin with oem cause of how long it lasted. Should I run a ball hone thru the cylinder?
  12. bomber31

    To rebuild or not to rebuild

    i am a mid class b woods rider that never touches the revlimiter, i shift well b4 that point, and have about 115 hrs on the stock topend. by the way its an 08. and all that is done is the team green jetting specs. the oil is changed religously after 1 enduro or every 2 play rides. i use amsoil and change the air and oil filter every oil change and the valves have never needed adjustment and are still the same gap as stock believe it or not. it starts great cold and hot and it never has had any probs. should i at least put a set of rings in it? it does not loose any coolant or oil. my levels never go down, i am complelty thrilled with this bike. and i have also owned this bike since new.
  13. bomber31

    kx250f 2.15" rear rim

    i mainly race enduros and hs but i do ride mx and ive never noticed anything negative to a 110. the main thing in the sand/loamy dirt is alot less wheeel spin
  14. bomber31

    kx250f 2.15" rear rim

    i have always ran a 110 on the stock rim and like it cause the bead is pulled in a little more and gives you a little more tire on the side and just recently i made an extra set of wheel and put a 215 rim on and rode on it and i couldnt notice a whole lot of diff but i was in the mud and the last time i rode was about 3 months ago. and i race in the sand alot and have never noticed it boggin the motor down. also i have noticed that the 09 yzf250s are coming with 110s stock
  15. bomber31

    Head Gasket.. Please help!!

    when ever you refill the coolant its very important to get all the air out. an air pocket will heat up very quick and has to go somewhere and will blow out gaskets and i agree its most likely the water pump shaft seal. it it was the head gasket it would most likely burn it off