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  1. You asked if it is loud with that pipe. The pipe is adjustable, there are plates on the end that are removeable. With all the plates in it is pretty loud. With less plates it is quieter but you sacrifice some top end. Still plenty of power for me though.
  2. I had leaky front seals and rebuilt the front caliper. That was easier than I thought it would be. Previously I had a horrible time bleeding the front brake. This time my procedure was: Pull in the handle and hold it in. Open the bleeder for a second (or less) and close it. Then let the handle out. Repeat until bled. This worked really well for me. If you are still not stopping well after they are bled you may need to replace the pads, even though you cleaned them.
  3. I have a White Brothers E Series. It is tuneable by adding or removing end plates. It makes a lot of power with a lot of plates but is very loud. Probably not what you want. I would do a search, I have seen people recommend other exhausts.
  4. Air goes in and out from the breather as the piston goes up and down. My understanding is it only sucks water into the engine if you restart with the hose in the water. I routed one carb vent from each side into the airbox and left the others alone. If all 4 carb vent lines go under water it can stall. It happened to me in the middle of a knee deep puddle before I rerouted them.
  5. "The more discs, the louder it is with more bottom and shitty top. The less discs, the less bottom and really nice top. " This is opposite what I read in another thread. There they said more disks gives a better top end, witha little sacrifice in bottom end, which makes sense as you open it up you get a better top end. They also said less disks, to a point, will improve the bottom, while sacrificing top end. Which is right?
  6. My buddies and I just went to Attica, lots of sand,. Their two-strokes seemed to handle the sand hills better than me. They would ride in 2nd gear for traction. I could not always keep enough speed to stay in second, and in first I would spin way too easy. What should I be doing different, or are 2-smokes just better for poor traction conditions? Thanks
  7. I also have the Ram mount and it has worked great.