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  1. Thor's Vector Knee Guards are awesome and priced right. I'm not sure if they work as well as EVS, Asterix or 661. But I'm happy with mine so far.
  2. I like the Team Sobe Honda kit. What's better is you get graphics/stickers for the entire bike including number backgrounds with race teamkits.
  3. And this is what TWMX had to say about Maxima.,13190,435893,00.html
  4. This is one of the test I read up about. It's done on road bikes but they mention the off road stuff as well if I remember right!?
  5. Insulation tape is the tape Electricians use. Not sure of the name in the US. Just make sure you wipe the forks completly clean and keep to two turns of tape only. Making sure it's stuck flat and tight all the way around. Bounce the forks so that the tape goes up past the seals and Bobs your Marly grit comes out!
  6. I think the motor will become more reliable, less maintenance. EFI will make an appearance next year some time on a Factory riders bike either in the US or Europe. And I think the motors will get higher RPM's. Suspension will work deferentially for both fast or slow movement. Like Bmfgsxr said.
  7. Yamaha have had a bad batch of Intake Valves sold with a hand full of 06 250f's. They wheren't coated propperly and get brittle on the shaft and then snap off. So if you've got a 06 250f, like me, get a hold of your dealer or a set of new after market valves. P.S. I'd still go the the YZ in 07.
  8. When it comes to 250f's, I say rather safe than sorry. If you have the time, cash etc to do it now then go for it. It's a bunch cheaper than having to fixed a motor damaged by a dropped valve etc.
  9. After reading up on the net Maxima and Motul came out tops.
  10. Take both fork guards off. Wipe the lower part of the forks clean with some Paper Towels. Make really really sure you've wiped all the old Fork Oil and dirt etc off the forks completely. Now take a roll of insulation tape and tightly wrap two turns around the lower fork, just below the seals. Don't wrap more than two turns or you'll risk getting some insulation tape stuck inside your forks. Then hold the front brake and bounce the forks over the tape two to three times. Remove the tape and wipe away excess oil and gunk. Now go ride.
  11. What about Pro Circuit's Titanium valves? Then do I need to by an intire set? Or just the one?
  12. Cool so if I get a new 05 Intake Valve it will solve this issue before it goes south in a big way? Or is it just a case of openning the head and checking the condition of the valve?
  13. Thanks Berudd, from what I understand, the intake Valve is not coated properly in the 06 250f. My bike is from the states (grey) and I was told "in general the Yamaha's here are kind of the dogs off the assembly line and the best "bikes" go to the states." But I'm not buying it. But if the 06 and 05 part are the same then where to from here?
  14. Cool I figure you guys would be told before us anyway. Thanks SUnruh. Anybody else?
  15. Here in good old South Africa, Yamaha SA have started re-calling all 06 YZ250f's to replace the inlet valve. I wanted to know if the same is happening in the US or Canada?