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  1. The manual for my new KLR 650 says that it requires fuel with an Antiknock Index of 87. No one at my local gas stations seem to know what scale they use to rate, RON, MON or AKI. I called Esso Canada's technical department and they called me back the next day saying that all gas (in Canada) is rated AKI....this means that KLR's need only regular fuel and putting higher octane in wouldn't make any difference. Does this make sense to all KLR owners out there? Canadian gas is high quality compared to other juristictions, how do people make out on Pemex in Mexico? Will travelling in other countries with poor quality gas hurt the bike? No point putting in premium ($$$) if it doesn't make any difference. What do you run? and why?
  2. kilby1

    approaching DOGS !!

    In 1972, I was riding my new Yamaha 650 back and forth from a job site to a motel at Cowichan Lake. Onroute was a Boxer cross in a triangular lot with a 3 foot picket fence. every day he would run the length of the yard, clear the fence and try to get tangled in my front tire, very dangerous...and the only route home. A bike riding co-worker suggested filling a water pistol with gas and squirting the dog, would sting but not hurt him. Well, when the dog came out I reached into my pocket to find that the gas had melted parts of the water pistol in my pocket. The solution was that in the end, I sharpened a 3 foot survey stake, placed it under my butt and when the dog cleared the fence, I jammed on my brakes, kicked the sidestand down and started after him with the stake yelling like hell. It worked perfectly, from then on, he would run the length of the yard, then stop just before jumping the fence.
  3. kilby1

    Hi guys...New to site....

    Just got a 2006 for Christmas, progressive front springs, stainless front brake line and Michelin Anakees on delivery, owned many bikes years ago and gave this one a lot of thought, very comfortable (for me) Great as a town bike or logging road explorer, should be good for your herniated discs (if anything is) it's quite tall, need a 32" inseam I should think.
  4. kilby1

    diesel klr

    Torque on the gas motor is 34.7, it's like the information on the web site is mixed up, the diesel should have more torque than the gas, I'm not saying thats better, just seems to not be accurate.
  5. kilby1

    street tires for the 650

    I just got my 2006 KLR on December 2nd and had Anakees installed as part of the purchase. One of the reasons was reading a "Cycle Canada" article where Tom Grennon rode a BMW 1150 from Victoria to Toronto on gravel and back highways, the trip was 12,000 kilometres a lot at low pressures, this is on a loaded, heavy bike. There was a comment at the end of the story that over the 12,000 k there were no flats, no nicks or damage and although they were still serviceble, the bike was outfitted with Pirelli Scorpions which were described as being just as good, but noisier
  6. kilby1

    new member 650 klr

    I just purchased a new 2006 KLR and had a steel front brake line installed as part of the purchase after hearing from everybody that it would help greatly
  7. kilby1

    diesel klr

    I have heard about the 20% for over a year and while I think that $7258 (Great White North price) would be a relative bargain I am a little suspect. Will probably wind up being priced according to how much demand there is and how much mainstream press the first diesel motorcycle generates. It may make the Jay Leno show!