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  1. mgarciano

    silencer removal

    good deal ride safe and quiet!
  2. mgarciano


    its been the same for years!
  3. mgarciano

    new kawasaki 650

    OK maybe that's why nobody seems to have a opinion on this!!!
  4. mgarciano

    silencer removal

    just had to do it didnt you???
  5. mgarciano

    Gotta love massachusetts :(

    I thought california only did crap like that?
  6. mgarciano

    silencer removal

    : I bet squid lips does plan on being a public nuisance
  7. mgarciano

    silencer removal

    just had to **** with it didnt you? how old are you?
  8. mgarciano

    silencer removal

    for what reason?????
  9. mgarciano

    new kawasaki 650

    I guess not!!!!!
  10. mgarciano

    Quiet Pipes = Not As Cool!!

    them are fightin words maynard!!
  11. mgarciano

    new kawasaki 650

    I feel that kawasaki is going to use the new 650 parallel twin motor that is in the new ninja 650 in a new KLR ! does anybody feel the same way?
  12. mgarciano


    it would sound different the kawasaki is a parallel Twin and the HD is V Twin both are good bikes but the 500 is much smoother/lighter and about 3k less money than the HD and is much faster! go to www.motorcyclecruiser.com and click on road test and there are dozens of test of different cruisers. it will take you a while to decide what bike you want. but take your time and a MSF course it really helps
  13. mgarciano


    get a kawasaki 500 vulcan it will smoke any 650 cruiser. they can be bought and insured cheap. and is a proven model and looks good to boot.
  14. mgarciano

    stupid neighbor

    well did ya what are you waiting for christmas?????
  15. mgarciano

    I don't buy it

    ok since everybody is so exited lets just throw a big party for jesse what do ya say HUH HUH HUH