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  1. MrTVDNR

    Better seat for 2011 WR450

    I went with the Guts Racing seat and it is working great since on my WR450F.
  2. MrTVDNR

    pea-shooter question

    Joe, Removing the inner most that is rivitted in is the pea shooter. I have ran without the whole asm and it is a strange sound... I currently run the Pro moto billet performance incert and love it...fits and sounds within the db rates. Jetting sounds a little lean for the main...most here, and check thru the jetting part of this section, that is where I got most my information for a set jetting in one swoop...i run a 168 and could go to the 170...most here are in that range...depending on sea levels. JD is usually right on and if they confir what you are running and say to use the 165,,,see how it goes from there...imo good luck.
  3. MrTVDNR

    Guts Racing Seats

    I'm about to get the soft standard for my 09 wr450...the line of the seat within the tank and fender is my justification...I'll let you know after i send it out and back for review. Hey Looks450...how does the high seat look on your wr?
  4. MrTVDNR

    Looking at a WR450, need opinions.

    So funny, I have a DR350SE that I use for commuting after been riding it for years on the trails and went with a YZ426 for the woods. I have been also drooling over a WR450 and finally got one last year and love it to death. Sold the YZ426 and kept the DR350 for gas mileage. Here in New England we have half rocky and the other half is roots and dirt. I did the Factory Connection suspension and it rides so nice and tunable to my liking. Suspension and other things on the WR are rider preferences. I did all the mods and it is a blast. Good luck and have fun WHEN you get that WR...he he he.
  5. MrTVDNR

    09 WRF 450 - grey wire

    NICE remapping idea...geesh...I would guess to mount the switch back under the seat or in an area that you can get to easy with the least amount of wiring...handy...especially if you do dual sport road AND/OR off road. +2
  6. MrTVDNR

    my new 07 wr450f -

    second that on the ryco barely legal set up on the wr450 here. i took extra time with making extensions on some of the blinker wires so they weren't tight under or behind the headlight. just my anal-ness with it. i also located the horn to one of the screws where the AIS was mounted before because the fork mount was an issue with the headlight plastic. radio shack has all the wire and connectors you need to make it custom ... added 5 bucks to my install...should have taken pix...sorry.
  7. MrTVDNR

    What spring rate for 08 WR450?

    I'm 250 with front - .48 and rear - 6.7 rates...
  8. MrTVDNR

    Ripping around on my WR head cam vid

    hmmm...I have the Oregon Scientific self contained ATC 2K helmet cam and love it. Need to get out on the WR to post some vid's. now...
  9. MrTVDNR

    shock psi ???

    I see 150 psi on mine on a Factory Connection fact sheet...
  10. MrTVDNR

    What year yz/wr 426 are you riding????

    I use to let the bike ride me, now I ride the bike..so much fun, I bought a WR450 and hate to part with my 426...to a good owner.
  11. MrTVDNR

    2000 yz426 help

    The other thing that you need to check is the float needle and race it rides in. Mostly the float needle itself. I had to replace mine a few years ago from just one time not draining the fuel and storing it in my shed for 2 months. It gets oxidized and sticks. There is a lot of little things in that carb and a good cleaning will leave it in great running order...as stated already.
  12. sounds like one to bookmark for future...just in case..
  13. MrTVDNR

    06 WR450 AIS needle

    Hmmm...it makes sense that it would be 'closer' to a YZ needle, but the actuall one...interesting... Wonder what the taper differences are between the actual YZ needle, AIS needle and the JD needle...anyone have a micrometer?...
  14. MrTVDNR

    What Kind of Oil do you use?

    After 3 rides for 30 minutes on the new 09 WR450, changed to my standard Amsoil full syn 10w40...
  15. MrTVDNR

    Anyone else think the Wr450 is slow

    Youser, How did you find the Ryco kit? I put that on my 09 WR450 also. Sure is slick. I didn't find a place for the horn yet, but thought of putting in on where I took the AIS off. Just using one of the bolts to hold it on and extend the wiring. Everything worked out great and I'd recommend it any day. I also added the right hand on/off with start from Ryco too...nice addition to the kit to make it whole. Like what was said already, do the free mods and you will really like the change. I did the AIS removal and installed the new needle, YZ stop and jets. The instructions come with the additions of removing the pea shooter and disconnecting the grey wire. Nice to have it all in one place after I had already printed out a ream of paper off of the WR450 threads....ha ha ha.