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  1. http://resuspension.com/techinfo/
  2. Good luck trying to post stack info on this crap board software...
  3. KTM-Lew

    Dumb Vacuum Pump Questions

    You are supposed to use nitrogen in the shock, NOT HELIUM? Or are you working on the space station?
  4. KTM-Lew

    YZ400F Stack opinion and tuning advice

    Man I hate this boards software. I've tried three different browsers. Using Chrome for thsi post. Where the heck did all the font crap come from?
  5. KTM-Lew

    YZ400F Stack opinion and tuning advice

    If you want to take some of the sting out of the harshness try this with 110mm oil level. (5) 24 - .10[/font] 20 - .13[/font] 18 - .13[/font] 16 - .13[/font] 14 - .13[/font] 11 - .13[/font] 18 - .50[/font] But these have a ton of bleed at the mid-valve with zero support for the mid-valve shims. The shims got destroyed quickly. That makes the fork blow-through the first half of the travel which makes for a damping spike both at the base-valve stack and from the air-spring. They also have what we call a cylinder valve (CV) at the top of the cartridge. It was supposed to allow air/foamy oil a path out of the cartridge to make for more consistent damping. It worked too good dumping the damping... The ABS kit above eliminates the CV. The stock bottoming system was harsh and unforgiving. The kit upgrades that too. You need to have someone install the kit that has some valving knowledge and shims though.
  6. KTM-Lew

    YZ400F Stack opinion and tuning advice

    If you really want to fix those forks, this is the way. But don't ask him for advice if you ever want to sit on a barstool, level. http://www.racingsuspensionproducts.com/products/abswpk.html Some mechanical skill is required. If you want, you could send me the cartridges and I can build them for you.
  7. KTM-Lew

    kx85 rebound stack

    http://www.racingsus...mmvalvekit.html http://www.racingsus.../adjrbdkit.html The installation instructions are there in a PDF file. http://www.racingsuspensionproducts.com/INSTRUCTION.pdf
  8. KTM-Lew

    Dumb Vacuum Pump Questions

    Just beware they bill for $100.00 when order is placed. It gets corrected before it actually comes out of your account. I assume their typical order is for several hundred pieces. When we order it's probably going to be under $50.00.
  9. KTM-Lew

    2013 250SXF Question about direction

    Excellent post. If Tye would LISTEN to anyone that posts suggestions, instead of just bitching and telling everyone that answers that they are wrong, we would help him. But he apparently doesn't want help?
  10. KTM-Lew

    2013 250SXF Question about direction

    Yep...this thead is circling the bowl...
  11. KTM-Lew

    2013 250SXF Question about direction

    You mean one of these?
  12. KTM-Lew

    2013 250SXF Question about direction

    WOW. You too Russ...where is the love? Maybe I'm just going soft...
  13. KTM-Lew

    2013 250SXF Question about direction

    Wow Doc...why so harsh? I would never say...oh wait? Never mind...
  14. KTM-Lew

    DRZ 400 S Shock Shimstack

    I've decided to punt so doesn't matter.
  15. KTM-Lew

    KTM air shock.

    I thought linkage was the cure-all? Guess not... Who-da-thunk-it?