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  1. spezjag

    FMF pipe on xr600r(97)

    As I posted in another thread, I had the FMF Powerbomb header, mid-pipe, and Ti4 muffler on my last XR-L, and just ordered the same basic system in their catalog for the XR600R for my new ('06) XR-L; they no longer list a separate one for the XR-L, but I believe they are the same and will fit. I will let you know once mine. Photos to follow.
  2. spezjag

    Stainless headers for a xr650L

    I had a stainless FMF Powerbomb header on my last XR-L, and I believe they use the same model for the XR600R (which is still listed in their catalog) and the XR650L. I hope so, cause that's what I just ordered yesterday for my new XR-L! Nice message board, by the way - I just joined today. Glad there's a place that caters to bikes like the XR-L.