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  1. short-daddy

    Turkey Bay Memorial Day weekend 2009

    A group of us are heading to Turkey Bay at LBL this weekend for a two day ride. However, the state website says the riding area is closed due to excessive rain. Anyone have any idea how long this will be shut down? I know here in middle Tennessee we have been hammered with rain and I assume that area has too, but the weather is calling for sun and mid 70's all week. Any insight as to how long they would keep this area closed would be greatly appreciated. We need to cancel the cabin rental if the riding area is going to be closed and try to find an alternate location. Thanks for any info!
  2. short-daddy

    3 days of riding! 2009 Rites of Spring!

    Great Pix! It has been raining here for like 2 weeks non-stop...Can't wait to get back out and hit it, but right now I would need a boat instead of my bike!
  3. short-daddy

    Been gone for a while...

    That looks like a total blast! Wish we had something like that around here (TN)...Way cool!
  4. short-daddy

    Bad Start To The Season

    Sorry to hear that bro...I think given the circumstances we will grant you a 6-month pass to ride a quad - JUST until you get back on a real bike though!!!
  5. short-daddy

    Jacob Nash

    Very sad to hear about this yesterday... Jacob was full of talent and will be sorely missed...My thoughts and prayes are with his family and friends...
  6. short-daddy

    Where to put used oil?

    As previously stated, Autozone and Advance auto parts will let you recycle it there...As for the method of transportation and storage I have found that the big plastic laundry containers (like 2-3 gallon size) are perfect. The hole is big enough to place a funnel in and transfer from you oil drain pan or directly from your bike in some cases...Then it can be sealed with and transported without fear of spillage...Also pours out very easily and you can take them back home for the next trip...Hope this helps!
  7. short-daddy

    Where are they now ?

    Damon was/is the driver for the Air Force Monster Truck...He just competed in the US Open in Vegas against Jeff "Chicken" Matesevich (sp) and won easily...He is still pretty dang fast!!!
  8. short-daddy

    to give up and go on or keep trying?

    A very good gauge of your speed and potential as a true pro would be Loretta Lynn's in the A or A Pro Sport Class...If you are top 5-10 then you have what it takes to be a true pro and make a living at it...If not, then you can still race local events as a "pro" and get paid, but that would not be your only source of income...Honestly, if you are not in the top 5-10 in the A or A Pro Sport classes at LL's then you are probably not going to make a living at it... Look at mxsports.com and check out the results from years past in these classes and it will let you know what I mean...Every year there is a group from these classes that make it to the Pro level and get paid, but what about the guy who got 17th, or 25th or 40th for that matter...Think about it, only 40 people in these classes and about 38 of them are not your high level pro's after that race...And they can say they are among the 40 fastest guys in the sport for that given year... Where do you fit in this category???
  9. short-daddy

    Loretta Lynn??????

    Racer X did an entire story on the origins of the Loretta Lynn's championship race in their magazine within the past year or so...Try doing a search there... Basically the Coombs family made an agreement with Loretta Lynn to host the AMA Championships at her ranch in Tennessee every year and it has grown from there to become the largest MX race in the world... You may be able to get a back issue of Racer X and read the story...You will enjoy it and it should answer all of your questions...Hope this helps!!!
  10. short-daddy

    Anybody from TN

    Nashville area...Ride at Thundervalley, Meadow Creek, Ballance and a few others...Vet class (30+ last year and 30+ and 35+ this year).
  11. My trailer came with two lights mounted to the roof that have are activated by a switch on the wall as you enter the side door. They will only work if the lights to the trailer are on. They are OK at best, but I took it a step further and installed a flourescent light fixture myself. I then ran two wall plugs and a high intensity light to the outside rear of the trailer for night use. All of the wiring is tied together and ran to the front exterior of the trailer where the frame rails come together. There, I have a plug that "powers" the trailer. I spliced an extension cord to have two male fittings and plug one into the trailer, one into my generator and then I have electricity to run a fan, radio, heater, the flourescent light, the rear light or whatever else I need. That was the best time and money I spent as I use this every time I am in the trailer.
  12. I have a 2004 Haulmark 6X12 enclosed trailer. I bought the "deluxe" model which came with some nice extras. They include the stone guard on the front, higher interior ceiling (6ft instead of 5ft), side door, ramp rear door and jacks at the back to use when not attached to your truck. I haul three bikes and a small quad for pit bike use (Honda TRX90) and still have a little room to put tools, coolers, fuel containers, chairs etc. The Haulmark is a very nice trailer, well built and it pulls great. I have a flat nose (actually it is rounded in most places) but I have been in some V-Nose trailers and thought they would help with fuel economy. I would say a 14 ft would be plenty for your needs. I would highly recommend the 6 ft interior height vs the 5 ft. I don't know that I would get any smaller than 6 ft wide. You definetely don't want a 5ft wide...Not enough room to put your bikes side by side...Even with my 6 ft I have the bars practically touching on the front two bikes... I would also recommend the ramp rear door (I think you call it beavertail, which I assume is a ramp door) vs the "barn" doors. Much easier to load, unload and enter by foot than the alternative. Anyway, I hope this helps....
  13. short-daddy

    "older" riders (35+) SOUND OFF!

    35 as of tomorrow and I have been back racing MX since turning 30...I thought I would get in the 30+ class and smoke those "old dudes" but let me tell you, most of them can still FLY...I was very humbled my first couple of races...Now with a few seasons under my belt Ifeel quite a bit faster than when I started. However, I am not winning any championships or anything. But I can at least be competetive... The best training is to RIDE, RIDE, RIDE...Working out has its obvious benefits, but there is no substitute for good old fashioned SEAT TIME... Good luck and keep us posted on your results!
  14. short-daddy

    120/90/19 and gear ratio

    I thought that the size ratio "110" or "120" reflected the width of the tire, not the overall circumference...I could be wrong... If I am correct though, then I would see no need to change the overall gearing of your bike just because the rear tire is a little wider...Even if your formula is correct, then that small of a difference shouldn't change the gearing either, IMHO...
  15. short-daddy

    Shoei Q's?

    I also own the V-moto and I think venting and graphics are the only difference...I love the fit of the Shoei...It fits and feels better than any other helmet I have owned (Thor, 661, HJC and Bell) and appears to be a better quality... PS, I got a deal on mine through ebay at Helmet-Closeouts - $191.00 plus $10.00 shipping...