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  1. minicross

    2003 YZ250 F Want Start

    no spark at the plug. how to check the stator for voltage?
  2. minicross

    2003 YZ250 F Want Start

    checked system and it appears that the ing coil is bad, on the priminary side the ohms reading is 0 and reads like it is shorted out but on the secondary side reads correct. Any one know if the priminary side should be zero or read like it is shorted, is this normnal or should it be reading some ohms? thanks
  3. minicross

    2003 YZ250 F Want Start

    checked a few things this afternoon, kill switch ok, found no spark at plug, not sure were to go from here.
  4. minicross

    2003 YZ250 F Want Start

    riding bike and it was and has been running perfect, cut it off and when I went to restart 3 minutes later it would not crank and still will not start. Any ideas? thanks
  5. minicross

    03 YZF250 Off Idle "BOG"

    yes, you are right
  6. minicross

    03 YZF250 Off Idle "BOG"

    I havenever had the Carb off, not sure. Do you where i might find a down loadable overview verision of this carb? Someone had mentioned it could possibly be the fuel pump, does this sound right? thanks
  7. With bike warm at idle and you hit the gas hard it bogs to the point if you continue to hold the throttle it will cut off . If you bring the rpms up a little then hit the gas it is ok. The same thing happens when you are riding and have it in gear. Any suggestions, I am new to the Four stroke carb's. thanks,