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    dirtbiking, camping, wakeboarding,drag racing,off roading, TOTP'en
  1. munchieu

    Diesel versus Gasoline Economics

    i have an 04 6.0. puts down 426hp at the wheels and gets 22mpg, with the stock wheels on it
  2. the weekend warrior sx model check that one out http://www.warriormfg.com/sx1800.html and the carson rebel. http://www.carsontrailer.com/subs/trailers/rv_sport/pull_front_kitchen/fr_rebel.html
  3. none. all touy haulers have a min gvrw of over 6500lbs. get a 2wd 1500. it gets the same mpg as your v6 taco if not better since your running 33's... 20mpg+ on the 1500 with the 5.3
  4. munchieu

    Diesel versus Gasoline Economics

    they had a diesel in 95 i think.. it didn't do well
  5. munchieu

    Water spots...

    ducky works great
  6. munchieu

    Diesel versus Gasoline Economics

    i was blue booking older diesels vs gas and there was around a 4g difference between gas and diesel resale value
  7. lock them up and cover them..no problems yet
  8. munchieu

    Which compact truck?

    i have to see this.... i drive like a granpa. my 05 5.3 gets on a good day 14mpg city.... i did see 20mpg on the freeway....once... my 2000 5.3 same deal.....and it was a single cab short bed.. i want his truck
  9. munchieu

    Which compact truck?

    good luck!!!. thats like trying to find a 6', natural red head, double d, asian girl
  10. munchieu

    Need Honest Opinion

    lift it and then see.. it wont look bad....
  11. munchieu

    Metzger's Jump on ESPN tonight

    wheres the pic or video...... this is the pic video forum......towns square is you friend
  12. munchieu

    brian deegen interview on racing

    ya right there^^^^^^^^
  13. http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/slideshow/videos/0,20829,1061968_1190803,00.html
  14. i have to record it.. daughter has a softball game at that time