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    Few questions about 03 YZ450

    Thanks for the replies guys, i went ahead one bought a 13T front sprocket today and shortened my first gear a little bit which i was looking for i think im gonna buy a 51 tooth rear sprocket, and if its still not enough after that ill go with the flywheel, as far as the 4th gear hesitation it is only at the very top of 4th pinned, my only reaosn for concern is that i dont feel like im going that fast..what is the top speed supposed to be on these things? Thanks for all the info -Tom
  2. So i just picked up my 450 in early december and have a few questions, First off im getting a weird hesitation at the top of 4th...like itll jolt forward and then suddenly die out, and repeat...the bike is completely stock and im thinking its a tuning issue, anyone else have this problem? Secondly im having a problem stalling out on tight technical trails, is gearing enough for most people, or should i consider a flywheel? I still want to be able to hit the tracks and have the zip that it does stock...suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Tom