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  1. hondarider751

    Clutch Won't Engage

    I think I found the problem. The clutch plates are stuck together. When I try to loosen the clutch spring bolts to take off the clutch pressure plate the entire clutch assembly spins, making it impossible to take off the pressure plate. So where do I go from here? I can't get the pressure plate off to try to separate the other plates if that makes any sense.
  2. hondarider751

    Clutch Won't Engage

    I have an 05 crf250 that won't go into gear. The bike starts fine, but then when I hit the shifter to go into first the bike stays in neutral. Also when the engine is off I can put the bike in gear fine, but when I pull in the clutch it has no effect. I've been away at school for over a year so the bike hasn't been touched for about that long. It ran perfectly when I left for school. I already changed out the transmission oil and engine oil as well. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks a lot, Ryan
  3. hondarider751

    Ahhhhh Not Again

    If any of you remember aboput 3 or 4 months ago I posted about a dealer that put new valves in my bike and forgot to put oil in it and I blew it up and they tried to blame it on me. Well I got that fixed finally like 2 months ago, and didn't have any problems for about 9 hours of riding. Then I noticed the bike popping on deceleration and bogging every once in a while out of no where. Well, I brought my bike to the mechanic at the track to see if he knew what could be wrong, and he checked my oil levels(ignition and clutch) and one completely sucked the oil out of the other( I forget which sucked out which) He said it could be because of a seal between the two that broke? Do you think that seal could have been broken because there was no oil in it when it blew up the first time? I brought the bike to a different dealer that has a really good reputation, and the mechanic told me it would be about another 1200+ to fix. But what I dont understand is why it is that much, the bike still starts first kick. Am I getting screwed again? Man I just want to ride. Thanks --Ryan
  4. hondarider751

    Race Day Gone Bad....

    That's is horrible. Especially since that track(e street mx) prides and brags about having the most flaggers and being the safest track in nor-cal.
  5. hondarider751

    What happenned?

    Just thought I say that the bike has still not been fixed. It has been sitting in the shop for the past 7-8 weeks because they are waiting for a part. Oh ya they said it blew because "I" drained the oil out of it. Why cant they just admit there mistake and fix the bike. My dad has gone in there a couple of times now to talk to the manager and each time he is unavailable. What kind bs is this, and what should I do now?
  6. hondarider751

    Good Suspension Company?

    I'd say send your suspension to br1. A lot of riders in Nor Cal swear it is the best suspension ever. Also they are at all the AMP GFI races so they can help you get your suspension dialed at the track. Unlike other suspension companies, they take care to the average racer, not just pro's or top amatuers. www.br1suspension.com
  7. hondarider751

    What happenned?

    The shop said they would call me tuesday and already put it on the work stand, so it will be the first thing the mechanic will see when he comes back.Hopefully they will be able to do it for free, but if they say I will have to pay for anything I will definetely do something about it. Here is a list of what they did to it: Seal, Valve stem Clutch plate new gaskets kibblewhite intake valves kibblewhite valve spring kit ebc clutch kit new clutch springs HP coolant new fork oil parts=522+ labor=630 total=$1,152.30
  8. hondarider751

    What happenned?

    Yesterday, I finally got my bike(05 crf 250) back after getting an entirely new clutch, kibblewhite valves, gaskets, and piston clips. Pretty much, a brand new motor. Stoked, I take it out to my local riding spot and five minutes later I hear a clank clank in the motor and then the bike shut off. Now after spending 1200 bucks, I am preety mad. What could have caused this, or what happenned, and what should I do? I have to pay for all my bike parts,( I am 15) and after draining my bank account, I don't have much left. I already brought the bike back to the shop, but the guy working there said the mechanics are all gone until tuesday. Hopefully they will fix it for free?
  9. hondarider751

    2006 crf250r 52tooth sprocket prolbems

    I had that same problem. I had the wheel set as far back as I could get it, and the chain was still really lose. I then tried to pul one more link off the chain, but then the chain wouldn't fit.I ended up putting the stock sprocket back on. Pissed me off, I bought both a new chain and sprocket.
  10. Was Ray an mcma rider? My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.
  11. hondarider751

    04 crf wont start

    open and close the throttle 3 times and then try starting the bike again with no choke. That always does the trick for my bike, if it is lower than 60 degrees outside.