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  1. NYMXer

    DangerBoy Deegan

    That kid can ride, you should watch some of his YouTube videos.
  2. NYMXer

    Road cycling in here

    https://www.strava.com/activities/1830981356 https://www.strava.com/activities/1835536823
  3. NYMXer

    Road cycling in here

    Busy 100+ mile weekend... https://www.strava.com/activities/1812634282 https://www.strava.com/activities/1814933902 https://www.strava.com/activities/1816972530
  4. NYMXer

    Understanding this Quad

    that's a LT400 Suzuki
  5. NYMXer

    Clutch Whilst Cornering

    If you find the front tire skipping while accelerating in/exiting the turn, apply some front brake and push on the outside peg
  6. NYMXer

    Fast Striaghts - Stand or Sit

    You will want your butt slightly off the seat and towards the back, almost at the rear of the seat. Arms bent, elbows out and up, legs firmly on the pegs and knees gripping the tank. Let 'er rip and if it gets a little rough, drag the rear brake a little
  7. NYMXer

    I’m changing my mix ratio to 100:1

    While 100:1 is a leaner oil ratio, you are enriching your fuel ratio (more gas via less oil) so jet down but 32:1 is ideal for ring seal, engine lubrication and plug life
  8. NYMXer

    Has Roczen hit his new ceiling?

    I just read the OP, so forgive me if I am repeating what may have already been stated... I was among the crowd that had KR ruled out as ever coming back. It is more than a miracle that he has use of his left arm, it is his shear desire to be the best and I have learned to never rule him out of anything. I was never much of a fan of his but think that I am now, just out of respect of his efforts to come back strong, healthy and competitive. Any of us that ride and got hurt, know how hard it is to physically get over an injury. Then we have the mental thing to get over too. KR found a way to come back and race with the best in the world while staying competitive and a real contender for a win. I expect him to continue to improve and get stronger and a win could push him to even better results.
  9. NYMXer

    Definition of max heart rate?

    I have a Wahoo Tickr, very easy to set up. I had another brand and couldn't get it to work with my Strava/Garmin and phone
  10. NYMXer

    Did Nicoletti Take Dive ?

    I didn't take offense, just wanted to offer my totally bias point of view... it's all good and we all have opinions. I did post what I honestly thought though
  11. NYMXer

    Definition of max heart rate?

    I 3rd the chest strap monitor. We are almost the same age (OP) and I max out at 182, which is high for a 60 year old. When I see people my age post 200 BPM, I suspect a faulty monitor...
  12. NYMXer

    Did Nicoletti Take Dive ?

    Phil Nicoletti is a local guy to me. He went to school with my kids and he was even on my youth soccer team. I don't believe for a second that when he races, he does anything less than giving his all every time, all the time. He wants a ride and has no obligation to help MM or KTM whatsoever.
  13. NYMXer

    Justin Barcia motivation

    Isn't that true about everything they do? Being a Pro in any sport, is more about talent, it's about physical and mental superiority under adverse conditions. For example, dealing with injuries, stress and pressure.
  14. NYMXer

    Justin Barcia motivation

    From your mouth to Gods ears, we can only hope Barcia brings his A game.
  15. NYMXer

    Justin Barcia motivation

    I guess my point was that when you have your head in the game, the impossible suddenly because possible. Who would have taken a bet that Barcia goes 1-1 at Ironman? Certainly not me and I watched him raise in rank as a local hotshoe.