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  1. NYMXer


    He's even luckier that the bike didn't follow and hit him. Bailing usually doesn't help but saved him this time. I wish him a speedy recovery and a hungry comeback. When Barcia has the "eye of the tiger", he is tough to beat!
  2. NYMXer

    1998 vs 2002 yz 125

    Moved to Yamaha 2 stroke forums
  3. NYMXer

    2019 A1 Entry list

    I am impressed that he is still out there, qualifying and racing at the top level given his age. Not that I think he is old by any means, but this is a young man's sport and he obviously still has racing in his blood.
  4. NYMXer

    Old rider - new tricks

    I have always gripped the tank with my knees (now 60 and still riding) in an effort to stay loose on the bike and keep my center of gravity low while maintaining control of the bike over using the handlebars as "grab bars"... Seat bouncing has been around forever too, just under different names. What I still can't bring myself to do is the "scrubbing" thing, I still do the "prejump" to avoid big air but still clear the jumps. Scrubbing just seems like a lot of effort for me
  5. NYMXer

    Supercross TV schedule

    Not just money for the promoter, the athletes get paid money too and that drives up ticket cost and other overhead. In the end, it's a business and a business stays in business by raking in money and turning a profit. In general, any sporting event is expensive due to high salaries of the athletes we go to see perform.
  6. NYMXer

    Show your bike

    Nice work Betarocker
  7. I used only ATF in my 2 stroke trans for over 40 years and never had an oil related failure. I did changed the oil frequently, every time that I serviced the air filter, maybe every 5 gal of fuel burned. More when riding in heavy dust. I think the hydraulic oil the OP mentioned will work fine. BTW, ATF is about 7 weight viscosity
  8. NYMXer

    Road cycling in here

    I am new to using a trainer Mario, so I have no advice for you. I do know someone who has a Peloton and they have to manually turn the tension knob while riding, sort of a pain. I think in your case, there isn't much difference between flat and the hills with a tension knob. My Wahoo uses electric magnets and does it itself in harmony with the ride on the screen. It is very realistic, works up a sweat fast and does get the heart, lungs, legs and body working hard but it doesn't engage the mind, which mine gets bored easily. Music helps, as does riding with friends but again, I am still learning what is possible with this set up and program. The only bad thing about the Wahoo, is that you can't coast down the hills without losing speed unless the grade is -9% or greater... odd quirk that is unrealisitc, but the only one I found so far. I love that I can ride with friends, or against others, do training rides and even race
  9. NYMXer

    Road cycling in here

    Wattage does seem high, but your HR shows that you were putting out power. I'm using a Wahoo KickR, electronic with magnets and very realistic. I am amazed at ho much I sweat riding on that wheel off machine. Kudos on both Strava and playing the Trivia game
  10. NYMXer

    Fat bikers?

    We don't discriminate, haha
  11. NYMXer

    Anybody else here dislike 29ers?

    Plus widths will be a bit slower due to the reciprocating mass weight increase BUT they make up some of that time lost in the turns and trail ripples, like roots and small rocks. I almost exclusively ride my 27.5x3 Framed Marquette now, it is such a "do it all" ride.
  12. NYMXer

    MTB parts destinations

    Welcome to Mtb riding, it's awesome and a great way to stay in shape. I buy all my pedals through Amazon, they have a great assortment and pricing to help you find the right ones. If you clip in, they have them and if you don't, get a good magnesium set with studs for grip. Lighter weight helps spinning, so avoid cheap steel pedals. Here is a link to alum ones that would work fine https://www.amazon.com/Cycorld-Mountain-Pedals-Cycling-Bicycle/dp/B07FFS787Y/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1544369515&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=pedals+for+bikes&psc=1
  13. NYMXer

    Road cycling in here

    Here in the NE USA, it's way too cold for any outdoor riding other than MTB's, and during hunting season, that too has problems... SO, does anyone use an indoor trainer and Zwift? Here is my NYC Zwift ride from yesterday. Looking to share rides, tips and other info with others using the app https://www.strava.com/activities/2006753018
  14. It's been a while since I've jetted a racing 2 stroke but initial settings on the carb was to warm up the engine to operating temps and adjust the pilot air screw in/out until max high idle was found. If more than 2 1/2 turns, jet pilot down, less than 1 turn, jet up. I would try to swap out that entire carb (borrow from a friend) and see if your bike runs good. If not, you have a bad crank seal or something along those lines.
  15. Point taken MX367. Sounds like he has another issue (air leak, bad float, etc) causing the root of his problem