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  1. I hope they send Bailey, Johnson and O'mara For now, we can speculate until the team is announced and I hope the best step up and ride for Team USA and we don't just take whoever will go. This is a team race, so we need our 3 best and for the life of me, I can't make up my mind who I think would comprise the best team... tough to call on any given day/ Regardless, I will root for Team USA!
  2. I can't see it hurting anything in a typical "for sale" type of post BUT if you are showing some sort of law breaking event, I can see problems with a plate in a pic or video. If there was the possibility of any danger, then anyone who drives their car/motorcycle risks exposure. I'm going to keep on reading on the chance that I am missing something.... my recant is ready for copy/paste, lol
  3. https://www.strava.com/activities/1694415887 Yesterday's ride
  4. I was glad that I watched it but my God, did they ever drag this show out for 3 hours with some drama filled journalism. In the end, you got to love Travis Pastrana and respect his skills on anything he drives or rides. He is a lot like Evel, in that they both broke too many bones
  5. Thanks jetfuel, for the reminder. I just turned it on
  6. I would take a link out of the chain, trust me!
  7. Tonight's ride in the heat, 90 with near 100% humidity and still got a KOM https://www.strava.com/activities/1683646425
  8. motocross

    Stand at the side of the track with a stick? Smack your hand as you went by if you didn't have a finger or two on the clutch? yup. her did that too if you weren't attacking a corner. Overall, he was great, no wonder David was one of the worlds best riders
  9. Haha, we call that ride "flat", since most of our rides do that much elevation in half the distance. I guess that is to be expected here in the Catskill Mountains of New York
  10. motocross

    Let me think, he made us ride without our seats, which forced us to stay standing, ride cross ruts, starts, clutching, dragging the front brake in turns, choosing/picking lines and protecting them, some bike set up, "attack" position with the elbows up, pre gripping the throttle and not dropping your arm down as you turned the throttle, hold on the bars loose so you don't get arm pump, pre jumping, landing on the downside of jumps with the throttle already on, riding on the front wheel and slightly out of control and being comfortable with it so when it happened in a race situation, you stayed focused..... so much more
  11. motocross

    Gary was the "Professor" and David was called the "Little Professor" for many years
  12. motocross

    I too went to a Gary Bailey School of Motocross when he came to a local track. I learned a lot in those 2 days and still use his start technique (which I passed on to my son) and get much more than my fair share of holeshots. \Learning to be comfortable on a bike when you should feel uncomfortable is what he taught and it's no wonder David Bailey was one of the best in the world during his racing career. Super fast and smooth yet rarely bad talked anyone, even Rick Johnson.
  13. My ride today https://www.strava.com/activities/1674574542
  14. Today's ride with another 50 miler tomorrow morning.... in the hazy, hot and humid Catskill Summer https://www.strava.com/activities/1671904051
  15. I rode w a slightly slower buddy yesterday, but it was still a good ride. I/m almost at 1,000 miles for the year, which is far off where I should be https://www.strava.com/activities/1664467531 We did almost 10 miles of mtb riding on Sunday too