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  1. craugb

    Need more power!! Suggestions please.

    May issue of Dirt bike has a article comparing modded 450x vs R. Good read for any X owner.
  2. craugb

    Need more power!! Suggestions please.

    I read recently that the R base gasket is thinner than a X gasket. Gives you a small increase in comp.
  3. craugb

    450X valves..ridiculous

    Sounds like a typical factory adjustment,Maybe done in a hurry? finish of shift? Humans make booboos all the time. Learn to do it yourself and then you cant blame somebody.All the brands have problems,some factorys need to improve their warranty and delivery.If you cant do it yourself ask around to find a smart mechanic,there out there. The modern 4stroke dirt bike engine is not high performance as most people think. Make a V twin out of 2 450X s and you have a 900 cc engine which might have 90 or 95 rear wheel horse power.Thats nothing special. Recently here in Oz a friends 450exc snapped a cam chain destroying the motor,all replaced under warranty, Just over 100ks old and at low revs.Guess the assembly worker forgot to peen over the joining link.And i remember the moto guzzi deliverd to the CHPatrol last century which didnt have piston rings in one cylinder.
  4. craugb

    CRF450X vs WR450 vs KTM450exc

    HI Guys,I ridden all three, They all put out reasonable power. 42 to 44 hp at the rear wheel,The honda has the best seat and thats about all. Its only a fat trailbike with 5 gears and the weight works against it when you get tied. The Yamaha was heavy in the front end ,strong top end power,good wheelie bike. hard to ride fast when tired,but i thought it was more precise in the steering than the yamaha. The ktm seats are slowly getting better.Easy to ride fast when you are stuffed which is a good indication of a bikes basic handling When you are fresh ,your strength can cover up a lot of handling faults. ktm has very easy valve adj. Bottom the adj screws and back out 1/6 of a turn. Honda and yamaha take a lot more time. They all are good trail bikes and a top rider will go just as fast on any off them. they all break down too. If you do a bit of fire road riding ,the ktm has the extra gear over the others and will do 160 on a slight slope. the honda feels busy at 130ks and the yamaha the same at140. Best thing to do is buy a ktm 525 and beat the lot of them. I ride a gasgas300 because i like the light weight and handling. And of course we are all biased. If you can, ride all of them because they all feel so different. cheers ,craig b.
  5. Yes ferg,you can get hurt . Maybe i should have pointed out that if you are on a moto x track to take it easy until you get the feel of the changes. A bit of commonsense required when fiddlling with the clickers.
  6. craugb

    Blown Transmission CRF450X

    Great photo, Hes indicating how many gears hes got left. I Love the desert photo,my riding country has too many bloody trees. One day maybe.
  7. craugb

    How many shims?

    Cant help you with the shim count. Have you tried a 5weight or lighter oil?.
  8. If the seats hitting you in the bum you can try softning the rebound damping on the rear shock. Excess damping will hold the rebound back and the second bump that you hit will not have full travel available in the shock to absorb it. Go to full soft on rebound and slowly work up the damping. This way you will experience the full spectrum of ajustment available rather than starting in the middle and being lost.
  9. craugb

    Blown Transmission CRF450X

    I heard the real reason was Rossi had put the wind up all the honda big wigs.They dragged all the engineers over to the moto gp project and left Lok up san to finish off the gearbox design. {thats a joke guys ,for all you lemon suckers.}
  10. craugb

    Blown Transmission CRF450X

    Good reply rmhrc. I was just hoping somebody from honda would fess up and confirm. ease their conscience.
  11. craugb

    Blown Transmission CRF450X

    Lots of interest in this thread. Count the hits. Surely someone can confirm the cause?. Crankcase seals ? There must be a Honda employee who knows the real answer. Come on guys, spill the beans.
  12. craugb

    Sherco Enduro 4.5i

    Hi guys, http;//webmotociclismo.com for their masterbike test 2006.They test the sherco but its in spanish. dyno tests and photos are ok. Click on nuestro master up on the top left of the home page.
  13. craugb

    Blown Transmission CRF450X

    Corection, those results were for masterbike 2005. 2006 are all orange.they tested a cr450x Italian HM model with different lights and exhaust in the 06 test. They placed it in 6th place in the e2 class. craug.
  14. craugb

    Sherco Enduro 4.5i

    HI guys, for a 06 8 bike comparo which includes the sherco go to talking smack enduro forum and you can download the test. Its a aussie magazine and they used 8 different riders of varied abilty, and awarded points for a final score. cheers craug.
  15. craugb

    Gas Gas all good?

    hey starfish. I see you are in oz. Pop on down to the newsagent and buy the latest copy of ADB. 8 bike comparo of 06 models. Talking Smack has a scanned copy on the enduro forum . The issue you need is the feb one. I have two friends with 04 450 gassers. The love them, i thought they were too slow and top end heavy. They have had no major problems apart from crash damage. Idle away when you fall off them. I cant wait to have a ride on the new 500 which hasnt got to oz yet. maybe you should wait for that. Also the aussie importer John Frettin is good to talk to .Motor cycle friendly and he looks after his customers .gasgas australia website. cheers craug.