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  1. The route has not bee determined but planning and preparation will begin shortly as the snow melts. Mileage typically is between 100 - 130 + miles and is dependent on remaining snowfall and what areas the Forest Service allows. I will try to post an update as I learn more.
  2. Late notice but the Dirty Face Dual Sport ride is coming up on June 20th. There was a mistake on the entry for (confirmed by the organizers). The entry form stated: "Pre-Entry REQUIRED. Must be received by May 3, 2009" Pre-Entry is require but is on needed by May 3rd in order to be included in the t-shirt order. You can register after May 3rd for the ride but are not guaranteed a shirt. The entry form can be found on the Rec club website. http://www.lakewenatcheerecclub.com/
  3. Very strange. This event was over capacity last year and by this point they had recieved 100 entries. This year entries are not coming in. Is anyone having problems locating the entry form? Thanks
  4. The course hasnt been laid out yet since it will depend on the snow level. Each year the planner "Don Weeks" attempts to cover new area. Typically there are 2 or 3 routes offered to accommodate all skill levels. You should be able to do a search on Thumpertalk for the Dirty Face, I know other members have posted ride reports.
  5. Anyone going to make the ride this year?
  6. I am a bit late this year but the entry form and flyer are available Event Date: June 14th 2008. http://www.nwdualsport.com/2007-Dirtyface-Entry.pdf http://www.nwdualsport.com/2007-Dirtyface-flyer.pdf
  7. Bought my '03 used and it had a full ProCircuit T-4. Seemed loud so I tracked down the quiet insert. It measured 93 at the last event.
  8. Sr. Oracle DBA.
  9. I am sorry to hear about the service you recieved from Clarke. I have a Clarke tank and would buy another without a second thought. I avoided the issue you are experiencing by buying an after market cap immediately after I installed the tank.
  10. Has anybody mentioned HB1692 yet? Puget Sound Dualsport Enthusiasts sent out an email supporting the bill. Looks promising.
  11. I am not much of a letter writer but I just sent off my plea to my elected officials. Next step is the Ralley I presume...
  12. Google is your friend... there are a bunch of sources.
  13. Well I am in the market for a set and I would not pay $750 for used stock wheels... (my 2 cents) if I am paying out $750 might as well drop a little more coin and upgrade.
  14. hmmm link works for me. Sorry if you are having issues. There is also a flyer on the site. let me know if they still dont work. http://www.nwdualsport.com/2007-Dirtyface-flyer.pdf drzfool sums it up pretty well. Last year there were two stops for gas.
  15. The Lake Wenatchee Rec Club puts on an annual dual sport ride. Course ranges between 120-150 miles. Lots of prizes and a lunch is provided. Sunday June 16th. Limit of 180 riders, Pre Registration is required this year with a June 1st cut off date. Entry form can be found at: http://www.nwdualsport.com/2007-Dirtyface-Entry.pdf